Terrorist Chemical Facility Raided in Iraq

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by tomahawk6, Aug 13, 2005.

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  1. Maybe we should wait out on comments on this until reputable news agencies provide proper reports on it.

  2. It does report 'unspecified chemicals' which could really be absolutly anything couldn't it?
  3. Miaaow! :D

    It is, however, a good point. I am not suggesting Fox is in anyway biased in it's reportage, but let us just say that it is selectively rigorous...
  4. Neither the BBC, Reuters or Sky News are carrying this story, so perhaps it might be wise to consider the Fox News story as unsubstantiated rumour. I am sure that if there were evidence of any substance to this story that there would be a significant degree of press coverage, certainly within the UK, as this is what BLiar et al used to justify sending large quantities of Bill Oddies to the Sand Pit in the first place :lol:

  5. "The chemicals are commonly used for industrial purposes"

    "He said not enough information indicates the site, which appeared to have been abandoned six weeks ago, was a chemical weapons facility."

    Sounds like a serious case of straw clutching 8O

    I still remember the so called "WMD factory" that turned out to be a factory manufacturing powdered baby's milk.
  6. So they have potentially arrested Bo and Luke mohammed producing moongod shine. Did the arrest begin with General Rosco p Coltrane chasing them in a white Hum V which they cunningly escaped from by jumping a collapsed bridge in a bright red General Takiri?
  7. Bo and Luke escaped when 'ol Roscoe was distracted by Daisy al Zwahiri in her low cut burkha.
  8. I can just see "Boss" Dubya throwing down his hat and cursing the "poppy-picking al-Mohammeds" as they drive off in their red-and-black hot rod (with green stars painted on the white hood).

    Didn't the head of the Duke clan have a beard? 8O