Terrorist Chart Used by Our Masters

Discussion in 'US' started by jumpinjarhead, Jun 14, 2013.

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  1. This is a good send up of the logical extension of the definition of terrorist given our current (and former) Masters' massive and indiscriminate surveillance programs and other abuses of power now being revealed.


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  2. Interesting alliances within the discordant American polity that this particular overreach has created!
    Your continued ironic use of our masters is becoming a little worn and tends imho to obscure the financial muscle and various interests behind the political placemen.
  3. By "Masters" I also include those latter ones to which you refer. I regret the use of the term is tiresome but I call them as I see them.

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  4. Have you been snorting dictionaries again?
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  5. JJH, so what do you think of Edward Snowden? Is he a traitor? A hero? Something in-between?
  6. Why do you keep capitalising "Masters"? It's really creepy.
  7. My - we are a sensitive little soul aren't we?

    The use of a dash, rather than a comma, above was a little over the top, but I felt it lent emphasis.

    Did it give you an asthma attack?
  8. Creepier if it were Massers, though equally weird.
  9. .

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  10. 'Overlords' would make a nice bit of variety if used now and again.
  11. Two problems with that chart.

    1. It's not actually very funny, a bit of extra effort and wit and it would have been a worthwhile exercise, but it's just inane.

    2. The first two images are actually spot on. If you don't see that, then you obviously have a tendency towards the pinko-leftie tree-hugging self-obsessed scum who think they can inflict the political will of the vocal minority on society as a whole just to suit their own half-baked agenda and warped ideas.
  12. The image second from left on the bottom row has been copyrighted by my wee girl for some 5 years now, who does she sue?

    Saen sort you oot.jpg
  13. Doesn't that only apply to Aliens?


  14. JJ's cynicism about the United States Gubment is not unfounded....if you have a look, as I did at: the White house Staff, the senators and the congressmen you may also conclude that they are all a load of bloody foreignors!

    Perhaps we should put them out of their misery, annex them, welcome back to the empire and pay your 237 years of back stamp duties.......Prince Billy and Kate could be Viceroys...they'd need a palace or two!
  15. I hope my cynicism has also matured a bit as i now try when possible to see the humor (usually the best i can manage is irony) in our sad state of affairs vis-a'-vis our government and our increasingly overweight and vacuous people.

    your invitation to return to the imperial fold is certainly a nice gesture but I recommend you have an accountant review our books as we are BROKE.

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