Terrorist Attack on Chinese Border Post, 16 police dead

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Bradstyley, Aug 4, 2008.

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  1. They're more like Uighur nationalists than religiously-based groups. Given that they have female-only mosques and even women training to be Imams, it'll be interesting to see how much support they'll be offered by the usual Wahhabiist suspects?

    Ironically, the Uighurs used to have their own Empire and fled into the Chinese Empire to set up refugee communities when the Kyrgyz took their capital. Makes them look just a tad ungrateful, IMO.
  2. Two of them slotted 16 dog-eaters? OK, the dog-eaters were unarmed and the first attack was with grenades, before they got stuck in with knives. But you have to admit, it was a good effort by the rag-heads!
  3. They captured the two attackers. They can expect to get a neck shave from an AK-47

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  4. Yeah, given that they'll gladly run over their own students with Type-59 tanks I'm sure any terrorist gets the sh1tty end of the stick over there!
  5. Some terrorists committed murder in a country where the death penalty is in force. Oh dear how sad too bad never mind.

    I'm wondering why the used grenades and knives, though. If it was all they could get, it argues they weren't particularly well organised but if they've chosen to do it that way to make a statement up close and personal if you like... That would argue a great deal of confidence.
  6. Their security force around the venues could stop a small army, they outnumber the spectators.
    No wonder the guys didn't bother going further towards Beijing, would have sent a sharper message though.
    They used home-made bombs so i doubt they would have guns. Never underestimate the kung-fu factor, watahhh!!!

  7. If that photo above shows an execution, I'll bet that it's not only the bullet that the sentenced person's family gets billed for...

    What about the dry cleaning bill for the uniforms of the two blokes holding her in place?
  8. When they get some suspects do you think the suspects will not be obliged to make a statement, get a cosy room, a lawyer and loads of publicity with Amnesty International banging on about their rights?
  9. If these lot were police/military/government/law targets. Is it really terrorism? Is this event the same as 9/11, 7/7 etc.. and all that?

    How's that for semantics
  10. Semantics my arrse :evil: You'll be telling me that all of our people who were killed in Ireland and on mainland UK and in Europe were killed by "Freedom Fighters". Do stop talking bollox!
  11. I wouldn't call them Freedom Fighters f*ck that but I wouldn't call the one's who only targeted military etc.. forces as Terrorists. To me, a terrorist is a someone who intentionally attacks innocent civilians.
  12. What would you call them then?
  13. Dunno. Rebels? Militia....shit like that. I'm sure these guys will start to attack civilian places soon enough so they'll get their terrorist badge eventually
  14. They've been doing that for years already. The first time I heard of them was in Feb 1997 when they set off bombs in 3 buses in Urumqi simultaneously, killing 9 IIRC and injuring 60-odd. By my count this latest one makes 33 attacks attributed to Uighur separatists since 2000, including 3 suicide bombings and a rather despicable attack on a children's hospital in December 2006, again Urumqi. They're terrorist; they look walk and quack like terrorists. No need to dick around with definitions.

    Edited to add: for anyone interested in the history of this issue (and with a few interesting observations on the foreign policy implications), Dr. Martin Wayne of the US's National Defense University has an article quoted here.