Terrorism, time to be proactive and ignore the PC Morons.

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Heads, Jul 2, 2007.

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  1. Quote 1: “Those held so far include a qualified medical doctor. Police say none of the suspects is British in origin.”

    Quote 2: “The BBC has learned those arrested are believed to be of varying Middle Eastern nationalities.”

    Doesn’t common sense suggest that we should refuse entry into Britain to all would-be immigrants and “asylum-seekers” either known, or suspected, to be adherents of a certain religion? Surely that would be the most singly effective and practical measure to take in combating terrorism.

    Or do we leave are doors open knowing it will again let in Killers ?




  2. Superb product placement by Easyjet :lol:
  3. Yep, i can see the news item in their next in-flight mag "Easy-Jet baggage trolley KO's Jonny Terrorist!"

  4. Heads I can see your theory behind this but given how prolific Islam is it's just a tad impractical. How would you tell them apart anyway. You couldn't go along the 'middle eastern looking' route as some (a minority admittidly) are christian. Anyways, what about the white muslims, maybe an armband a la nazis to tell them apart?
  5. The thing about that would be to identify the individuals involved in those sects of the religion. What about the IRA, during the height of their campaigns they could've been any Irish citizen. The same applies now, with the advent of home grown terrorists it is now not enough to stop entry to the country as they are already here.

    It wont' be too long before they are enlisting in the forces to learn tactics and weapons, think about that, fully trained terrorists by HM Armed Forces....scary thought. It's already becoming a problem in the American forces by gangs...


    edited to correct spackerness with link posting
  6. Didn't that happen with a couple of the IRA or is that just Urban myth?
  7. Heads,

    It may have escaped your notice but the most successful attacks by Islamic terrorists in this country were by individuals born in Britain. Ergo foreign terrorists are exactly what we want, if you look at the evidence!
  8. Could be a myth, but then it's the same as the thoughts about the UDR and RIR with the opposite numbers of the IRA, they might have some base in truth....there's no smoke without fire and all that.

    And since when was a questionaire asking "Have/are you involved with acts of terrorism/subversion/espionage against the the government" been enough, because of the nature of the home grown extremists it's possible that a large number of them are going unnoticed, even though our friends in grey coats and hats are wathing several thousand of them
  9. heads is a journo!
  10. Maybe the questionaire was considered to be adequate for the Irish? Answer yes and they can expect a visit from men with serious sunglasses, thin watches and menacing briefcases. Try it with the latest possible terrorist batch and they would claim infringement of their human rights before the end of the sentence!

  11. This is not about colour.
    You are an example of the problems we have. You turn it in to a racist debate and actually fuel the problem.
  12. You a journo heads? Feel free to do one and get a proper job!
  13. err this screams JOURNO
  14. And TWAT!
  15. One slight difference with the IRA and Muslim Fanatics.

    One is a global Jihad trying to change the world to Muslim, the other was criminal gang selling drugs.