Terrorism Studies

I am thinking about further education and want to do something that I would have an interest in. The University of St Andrews has a certificate in Terrorism Studies, which is an on line course for 16 weeks cost £1500. Anyone know of any other similar courses available.
Why not cast the net wider and study for a degree in something like Politics and International Relations which would include studying terrorism...?
There's also the Open University. They do a wide variety of Undergraduate courses in Politics or International Relations, a lot of which are available entirely online, essay submission and all.

If you've done any form of command or staff training (e.g. JCSC or whatever it's called these days), you may be able to jump straight to a Masters, even if you don't have a first degree. Quite a few Universities have MA/MLitt programmes in War Studies or similar which might be up your alley. It'd be worth finding out who does and dropping a quick email to the Course Convenor to find out where you stand.
King's College, London - on line MA in War Studies; can't remember exact title. KCL is a, arguably THE, world leader in War Studs - likely to be very good, and offer a wide range of options.

Leicester Univ - well established distance learning courses, incl Master's, in Security Studies.


Northampton Uni - MA in War & Society, or something similar.

Exeter Uni - MA in Mil Hist; Aberdeen &, I think, Dundee offer similar courses. Leeds Uni too.

Don't know if any of the above are available via distance learning/ on line: suspect not, but all are available part-time.

Open Uni offers a number of courses in politics/ int relats, but I don't think they're likely to be very defence/ security orientated.

Norwich Uni, USA, has recently established an MA in Mil Hist - on line & specifically tailored to needs of serving personnel.
Did my MSc in Security and Risk Management by distance learning with the University of Leicester. My dissertation was terrorism based.
Close by St Andrews, Aberdeen is very highly thought of for it's International Relations department (Plenty of International students come to Scotland for it and the academics are renowned), they run Postgrad courses on Security Studies and the like. Have a word with them, they might be accomodating. (I know they have a 'Lifelong Learning' department that run long distance courses, I don't know if they do post grad IR, security etc. worth asking though)


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