Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by auxie, May 8, 2007.

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  1. Having seen on tv this evening a former ira commander who has without doubt much blood on his hands being treated as some kind of peace giving messiah certainly makes one think that perhaps terrorism does pay off, of course one is pleased that peace has arrived in the province but the fact people who engaged in anarchy and murder are now seen as heroes, makes one think ,nothing new of course i know ,but a tad unsettling all the same to my way of thinking
  2. Yep, it stinks, but the alternative is they carry on as they did and that was far worse
  3. I suppose what You have to look at is, did His murdering ways get Him what He wanted - a united Ireland. I would suggest He got the opposite, Eire changing Her constitution relinquishing all claim to the North.

    He's still a murdering terrorist scumbag though
  4. Seconded

    I'd never vote for the murdering scum, though!
  5. I was in the Canal Zone. The Nasser terrorists forced us out.
    I was in Malaya. CT terrs did not get exactly what they wanted but they got us out of Malaya which was 75% result.
    I was in Libya. Gaddaffi got us out
    I was in Cyprus. EOKA got what they wanted until Johnny Turk kicked off but that was nothing to do with us.
    I was amongst the last in Bahrain. FLOSY or FANY had already got us out of Aden
    BAOR and Belgium, we did not have any terrs
    I was in NI. We know what happened there.
    Seems either I am a Jonah or terrorist-type forces do get most of what they want in the long run. Whilst they do not achieve 100% support from inhabitants, they seem to lead the population towards a realisation that things could be better on their own 2 feet so they certainly are a catalyst.
  6. If you don't talk to your enemy, then who do you make peace with? You could try to kill them all, but I can't think of a time when that's worked, either.
  7. I don't know, Rome didn't get an Empire by talking to it's enemies, it got one by killing them in large numbers.
  8. Exactly, none of the Barbarians spoke Latin, so dialogue wasn't going to get them very far was it?

    Unfortunately the only way to placate the terrorists and set up the NI assembly was to give them power. I resent seeing cnuts like McGuiness and Adams in positions of power, but if it helps NI reach a state of normality then it can't be all that bad...

    The British government does not negotiate with terrorists.
  9. It was a disgusting sight, seeing blair fawn over IRA terrorist c*nts.
  10. Seeing Bliar is a disgusting sight at the best of times.

    As I'm not a great student of Irish/Ulster history, could someone explain (NoWah) what the various parties have got now that they didn't have in (say) 1967?
    Didn't they have devolved Government then?
  12. Recent precedent was certainly set by Mandela. Politicians do seem to work in a different world to the rest of us and they are well supported by the media.
  13. Bit annoyed that John Major seemed to be left out; after all he really kick started the process with the Downing St Declaration.
    How people's minds forget when it conveniently suits them......
  14. 'It was a disgusting sight, seeing blair fawn over IRA terrorist c*nts. '

    What do you expect from that tosser? Pi$$es me off that he makes out it was all his own doing, and that we should be greatful for what he has achieved. Blokes an ar$ehole, but then again, he's a politician.....
  15. Still feeling faintly nauseous from last night's news. MM was lift on sight and a thoroughly unpleasant bit of work when I did my first NI tour. GA no better.
    I think that terrorism has paid off for them - and many like them. No doubt the history books will now have to be amended to read 'freedom fighters'.
    RIP far too many soldiers, RUC and poor bloody civilians, some of them friends or colleagues, who just happened to get in the way, all now forgotten by the politicians in the name of a so-called 'peace process'.
    Bitter? Yes, I rather think I am.