Terrorism insurance - Sinai/Israel

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by Yellow_Devil, Mar 19, 2007.

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  1. I am planning on a holiday in the Sinai and Eilat in a few weeks' time and am looking at getting some travel insurance.

    All the policies I've looked at have exclusions for acts of terrorism, which I understand is normal for the industry. What worries me is that something will kick off and the borders will get shut /aiports closed and I'll have wasted hundreds of pounds on a holiday I can't take.

    Maybe this seems like overkill but I had to cancel a holiday due to illness earlier this year and wasn't insured, which was an expensive experience.

    Is it worth getting insurance against this risk, and does anyone know a reputable provider?
  2. To be honest i dont think that youll find one - with travel insurance not even with some of the reputable military dealers. Holidays arent covered for that, as they are for pleasure and not warzones. In a nut shell you can try and find it, but the the old chestnut is.....read the small print before you buy! I know personally of no-one, certainly not in my Bn.

  3. Serves me right for falling for the Israeli Tourist Board posters before checking!

    I couldn't find anything helpful on the PAX policies. I wouldn't normally bother worrying about this stuff - but got caught by the system before, so being extra-careful this time!
  4. Pax mmm - well the clues certainly in the answer, an act of terrorism is certainly not an accident waiting to happen. So if you did claim - the fat bloke at the claim centre would say 'well mr YD, you were on holiday - no operations, if you look at sub para blah blah blah.... you basically cant claim.'

    PAX says what it does on the tin... personal accident cover, thats it... dont be misled by these dodgy gits, oh and the optionial family cover is for that too. And you certainly wouldnt be able to claim from PAX if your holiday was cancelled.

    Maybe nugatory holiday expenditure, if you holdiay was cancelled, but i believe it just got worse cliam in light of JPA, i am still thrashing myself over the rules, but in nutshell you must be on leave and must have travel insurance to cover you for the claim. But getting insurance in Isreal is not going to be as cheap as say florida as it is classed as more high risk area.

    The cheapest option is to kit your family out with kevlar body armour and helmets!
  5. Eilat isn't exactly a hotbed of terrorism. It's just across the border from Aqaba in Jordan.

    I wouldn't worry about it unless you're the neurotic type.
  6. Thanks for info Matelot as I have never been to the sinai, but was giving a general opinion on the if YD had to claim, sanai's not my bag baby.. mm me thinks Australia will be on the cards next !!!!
  7. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator


    Israel is not on any excluded list. As long as you are not travelling against Home Office advice (assuming you are travelling from the UK) you will be fine.

    It is not possible to advise on what a policy will cover without reading the policy conditions, so I will not try to do that here.

    PM me with a link to the policy you are interested in and I will read through it if you like.

  8. Thanks for the advice everyone -

    Was planning on travelling around Sinai/Eilat/Aqaba, with a trip to Jerusalem mixed in (not going anywhere outside the Green Line of course).

    Not worried about the terrorism per se - just got cold feet about the financial knock-on if the borders shut down when we're in the wrong country and YD and Mrs YD get stuck on a beach for a couple of weeks somewhere (what a problem to have! :thumright: )

    Duke, is there a copy of the excluded list on ArmyNet? Thanks for offering to look at the policy, but it sounds like the market hasn't developed yet so I guess I'll just get a bog-standard policy.
  9. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator


    The Foreign Office provides a list of countries where they do not recommend you travel to - insurers tend to use that as a guide to whether the traveller has been "prudent" in chosing to travel there.

    Insure and Go do not specifically exclude terrorist acts, but they do not specifically cover claims for cancellation arising out of a terrorist act.

    Basically, if you got injured you would be covered for medical expenses etc, but if you cancelled your holiday because of it you might have a fight on your hands.

    Still worth buying inurance just for the medical expenses cover.