Terror threat level raised to bleedin obvious

We let muslims travel to join terrorist groups in iraq and syria. We then let them back in. This increases the chances of terrorist attcks. Well duh.

Still rather than stopping either of the above the response is high visibility policing.

I know if i'd spent 6 months chopping off heads in syria and returned home intending to commit a mass casualty attack that a few more tooled up plod looking bored in shopping centres would definately make me knock the whole terrorism lark on the head and become a peace activist.

Wasn't it at this point back in the old days we armed the gate guard and issued ROE card?

According to the BBC Cameron going on Camera soon in Downing Street


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And of course, this is not a convenient timed distraction from defecting M.P's.

I have just heard the radio tell me that the reason for this 'up-scaling' is because of an 'imminent attack in either Iraq or Syria'.

Because there aren't any of those going on at the moment are there?


This is obviously not a convenient excuse to justify further military action against ISIL in the coming days. With a decimated Military and loads of reservists recruited just in time.

Oh no.
So cynical, it's almost certainly based on hard intelligence that the British public is in danger of nodding off into its Rice Crispies .


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Dave is on the radio saying 'we now know' things that have been the case for weeks/months already. I love the way we are rapidly reacting to the 'emerging crisis' like a fat person oozing through cold porridge.
Maybe they are about to task 'them' to sort out the problems in Rotherham?

Clearly plod can't be trusted.....
I always thought the "BIKINI" state was a much more cooler name than "UK Threat Levels."



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"We must be clear to differentiate between Islam - which is a religion of peace - and quite a few Muslims who actually think the idea of bringing back the Caliphate and living under Sharia law is a noble effort and should not be denounced publicly".

That quote has been slightly paraphrased.
Travelling back to civilisation from Swansea, I noticed that Cardiff and Newport had been sealed off completely from the outside world. They reckon this is where most of the terrorists are gathering - witness the fact that every celebrity chef in the country has been drafted into the area with additional stocks of pig fat and salmonella.

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