Terror suspect expected to die

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by chimp503, Jul 10, 2007.

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  1. within the week (7 days from today)

  2. over a week

  3. couldn't care less as long as he does die

  4. I dont want him to die

  1. It is being reported on the internet (yahoo) that the twat who caught fire in the Glasgow airport attack is according to one of his doctors expected to die from his injuries

    One very simple sentance to that

    "I hope he suffers before he expires"
  2. Cant say I will shead a tear!
  3. I guess it'll save tax payers money giving him reconstructive surgery, he probably did too much internal damage. Oh well, he'd have probably comitted suicide in gaol anyway.
  4. But will he get 20 virgins on entering Paradise?

    after all he didn't exactly martyr himself, imolate maybe, fry-definetly, but martyr deffo not
  5. I hope he does. And then realises he's burnt his c0ck off.
  6. That'll learn him.
  7. That'll teach him to use the NHS. He should have realised that he was in the shiite when he was assigned "Dr Bin Laden" as his specialist.

    Anyway, it's been over a week, he'll be more than cooked by now.
  8. No tears from me I just hope they loose the morphine and let him go in pain, the same pain he wished on us. Ungrateful wretches the lot of them.
  9. Surely if we have crap like Big Brother on TV, we can have a 24hr cam on this F*cker as he squirms in his bed, ratings would be huge for any company who wished to do it......... quite expensive in court tho me thinks...
  10. Cheered me up no end.
  11. Perhaps we can get some squaddies families to visit him in hospital and shout abuse at him, as his fellow believers seem to enjoy doing at squaddies at selly oak.
  12. Where's a sociopathic doctor when you need one? ;)

  13. A wee bit of cross-training then?
    Quality idea
    Who'd be available to do?
    Surely there must be some ARRSER's local enough to oblige
  14. Hopefully he is in lots and lots of pain.