Terror laws are anti-Muslim says senior policeman

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Random_Task, Aug 7, 2006.

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  1. Racism = Black Police Officers Association

    Spelling mong
  2. Quote from the article in the telegraph

    In a wide-ranging speech on race and diversity in policing, he said of his own experiences: "I have been deliberately excluded from groups, processes and decision-making on occasions.

    "I have had creative ideas turned down, only for them to then be subsequently suggested by colleagues and accepted. I have developed innovative policing ideas, only for them to be passed to others.

    "In recent years, I have undergone four selection processes at the top end of organisation and in each case I was unsuccessful. Each process attracted unfair media attention, had no true level of independence and basically amounted to informal appraisal of me as an individual rather than a proper assessment of my experiences and competencies."

    OH DEAR, sounds like sour grapes to me. Welcome to the police service mate, you come up with an idea, tell the boss, he tells his boss,then his boss, etc etc. Get over it.

    I wonder how many officers of lower ranks ideas he's used?
  3. I'll wait for his speech I think.
  4. Picture looks like he's dying of aids.... In a fat way.
  5. I wonder if there would be any opposition to a "WHITE POLICE OFFICER ASSOCIATION" or does racism only apply to Blacks,Asians and Muslims?
    I am an ex-policeman and I wonder if the PC brigade and others would allow such an organisation for my fraternal friends in the force.
  6. See my previous comments on this in a previous thread


    Asked that question during a two day Community Race Relations Refresher course and got told "YOUV'E GOT THE FED".

    Cheers, so has everyone else.
  7. Face facts. As Blair and the rest of New Labour gradually lose their grip on power, what used to be called the loony left are crawling back out of the woodwork and turning our public services into their personal playgrounds.

    The Tories are taking control of increasing numbers of local authorities. All of those newly redundant nuclear free zone officers, wimmins coordinators, gypsy liaison managers and diversity consultants need to find jobs somewhere and, in many cases, the public services will provide those jobs.

    It's going to get much worse when 'Strangely' Brown takes over. With a naïve, middle class socialist signing the cheques I fear there will be no stopping the rot.
  8. I believe that terror laws are designed to be anti- muslim.
    otherwise the larger cunning plan to get the nation behind the wars would not work.

    Fear brings with it the concentration of the masses.

    I.E. You are all in danger now, back our plans or we will all be killed.
    yet it took years to build up good race relations across our nation.
    Back to square one again-ah well never mind. :x
  9. err I thought most of todays terrorists are Muslim so perhaps thats why they are anti Muslim.

    and he is a senior police officer. I ask you.
  10. This is so true of todays society. Bit like asking for an English Parliament! Everyone else can create Racist Organisations except the Whites!

    And they wonder why the BNP is gathering strength.
  11. It really is quite incredible that both the government and the 'muslim community' seem unable to grasp this fact. Until they acknowledge that today's terrorist is most likely to be a young muslim male, quite probably (though not always) wearing an outfit more suited to Karachi than Bradford as well as an upside-down-head stylee beard, and that these are therefore the people the security services are most likely to take an interest in.

    Hand-wringers like Tarique Ghaffur serve only to bring both the police and decent muslims (there are some, apparently), into disrepute.
  12. Wonder if the big lad's traveling through Heathrow today, if so, wonder what his thoughts are now?
  13. Damned right
  14. From the MI5 Website :

    "At present, we are very keen to speak to people who speak: Arabic – all dialects, and particularly North African, Sorani, Bengali (including Sylheti dialect), Urdu (with Punjabi, Pothwari or Gujarati) and Somali."

    Blatant anti-muslim racism obviously !! Or could that be where they where they think the terrorist threats are coming from.