Terror gang members to walk after six years following sentence reduction

Terror gang members to walk after six years following sentence reduction - Telegraph

Get Caught Admit to doing it and get let off with minimal consequences :censored:

Members of a terror gang that plotted to bomb the London Stock Exchange could walk free in less than six years after they were given double the normal reduction in sentence for entering guilty pleas yesterday.

A judge discounted their sentences by a fifth instead of the normal ten per cent for admitting guilt at the start of a trial because their serious offences meant they faced long prison terms

There was outrage from MPs last week after the court iindicated sentences for some of the members of the al Qaeda-inspired gang, which also plotted to target the Mayor of London and build terror training camps, would be less than six years.

And yesterday the judge said he had cut a fifth off planned sentences for the nine-strong group because their guilty pleas had “exposed them to a lengthy prison sentence” and saved the taxpayer a five-month trial.

One of the men, Mohammed Chowdhury, 22, from east London, was described as a “linchpin” in bringing the gang together but will be back on the streets by 2018 after being handed a sentence to 13 years and eight months.

He will only serve half and has already spent more than a year on remand.

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Personally I would let them all out a week next Thursday on condition they partake in a reality TV show entitled "The Muppets - This time it's Jihad".

The "terror gang" wrote down their list of targets and kept the list next to their single bed.

Planned to bring the Satanic world to its knees by planting a pipe bomb in the shitter at the Stock Exchange.

Discussed a 'Mumbai style attack' on the Houses of Parliament or maybe the London Eye, depending on the bus schedule that day... discussed it on... THEIR MOBILE PHONES...

Discussed setting up a training camp (mobile phones again) on a goat pasture owned by one of their Dads in Pakistan. But only if their Mum agreed.

And worst of all, the Stoke lads planned to set off pipe bombs in pubs in Stoke on Trent. Which would have caused £5.75 worth of damage at least.

I would let them out tomorrow if I could help with the Boris Johnson thing. But we should have to have words about writing stuff down and gobbing off into mobbies. Stern words. Jesus Christ never gobbed of into a mobby. And so far as we are aware, nobody found a note in the Virgin Mary's gaff saying "Mi list of targots. Herod. The ****ing Romans. The Senate. The khazi in the Blue Leper down near the Synagog".

Plea bargaining serves only the function of saving on time and expense.


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perhaps they coffed on some security stuff for our people . I guess they are pretty much burned now but if they gave up some gen perhaps the great game is still afoot. without being in court or knowing the background its difficult to comment sensibly on the issue . Time will tell I dare say .
'All four received extended sentences, meaning they will have to spend an extra five years on licence after they are freed from prison.'

'They were handed indeterminate sentences for public protection meaning they can only be released after serving their minimum terms if the Parole Board agrees.'

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