Terror flee plan found 'on train'


An inquiry has been launched after detailed evacuation plans in case of a terror strike in London were discovered in a "public place".
It is believed the government data on how to deal with any "large scale emergency" were found on a train.

The Metropolitan Police said the existence of such plans was already in the public domain.

But the force said it treated any possible breach of security "extremely seriously".
Wonder what the plans said?

In event of a terrorist attack

1.Adopt grave expression,and talk about "Blood sacrifice in the war against terrorism"

2.Run around in circles, waving arms and blaming the BBC

3.Point to pointless electioneering material oooops "What to do in the event of Terrorist attack leaflet"

4.Blame Ken Livingstone for telling it like it is.

5.Retreat to Bombproof bunker ,and issue happy smiley press releases ,saying that " The road to democracy is never easy ,but life for the peopleof Baghdad errrr Bermondsey is improving every day"

etc etc
Hmm. He just gave them back? He should have read it, assessed it and sold it on e-bay. Far more interesting.

Might get some quite high bids from the middle-east, even higher ones outbidding from Westminster!

Is it me or does this government run around with big, floppy feet, red nose and silly wigs :roll:

It would be laughable if it wasn't so bloody serious :evil:
Hmm, should I decide to become a spy against UK? :idea:
It seems you only have to follow p!shed Govt workers home from wine bars around MI5/6 and wait for them to fall asleep on the train/back of taxi and nab all the quality gear.

No need to get sexy with them, nor nothing! 8O

Damn, and I paid for that Homofication course out of me own hard earned.... :?

Well, I'll...not be buggered. Now. :oops:

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