Terror farce over refusal to unmask 7/7 suspect

Terror farce over refusal to unmask 7/7 suspect
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The war on terror has descended into farce after the Government refused to identify a July 7 suspect on the run from the security services.

The Home Office insists the British Muslim, who describes himself as a 'Holy warrior', is such a grave threat to national security he must be under a control order.

But, despite the 25-year-old committing a serious crime by repeatedly breaching the order and making himself a fugitive, John Reid will not take steps to lift his veil of secrecy.

The Home Secretary's refusal to act is in spite of fears the man is a possible 'missing link' to the London plot.

Investigators have linked him to two of the four bombers who claimed 52 innocent lives last year - ringleader Sidique Khan and Shehzad Tanweer.

The Daily Mail knows his identity, his shocking links to terrorists and has a photograph, but is unable to publish.
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It's incredible that we're in such a muddle over this.

These people are so dangerous they have to be put under virtual house arrest, even though we can't pin them down for a crime at this time.

The intelligence on them is so sensitive and important that wire tap evidence can't be used against them.

So, they just up and f**k off............. but no one can be told who they are, what they look like or why they are so dangerous, so it's unlikely they are going to be apprehended because nobody knows what they look like, who they are.......!

We can't send them back to wherever they came from because they might (and then again, they might not!) be tortured!!! So, we're stuck with a load of dangerous people on our streets, allied to people who hate us and our way of life but no one knows who they are, what they look like....!

Unbelievable. I am dreaming, aren't I??????? This can't be real??? I don't do drugs, I'm a moderate drinker, did I take the Blue or the Red pill?? I can't remember. What in the name of F**k is going on!!!!!!!!!!!

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