Terror comes in diffenrent flavous...Far right group in germany

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Ronin(GE), Nov 15, 2011.

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  1. Interesting, this bit caught my eye.
    My bold, I'd not so much compare this to the RAF, the thing that comes to mind is the James Younger gang. A group of racist bandits who cast their predations as a continuance of the cause of Dixie. The other thing that strikes me is killing kebab stall owners might have quite a lot to do with getting a free felafel and it being a cash business. Finally only Boxheads would regard bicycles and a camper van as suitable bank robbery getaway vehicles, it's really not very Heat is it?
  2. From The Local Authorities under fire over neo-Nazi terror
    My bold, these cunning deep cover neo-Nazi's are almost impossible to spot.
  3. From Sunday's Zaman German woman involved in Turks' murder arrested
    My bold, shades of Brevik.
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  4. As a Father, it was very disturbing to hear my daughter aged 8, was victimised by her teachers in Minden, because she was half British. What a fun time that must have been for her grrrrr. She was moved and placed in a safer school. Coupled with the (east German) Nazist youths at my Porta Westphalica workplace back in 1996; it was all pretty obvious then that good old Deutschland hadn't quite changed all of its ways.

    Recent news from Schaumburg suggests the Germans still have a lot of work to do. I can't throw stones, considering the EDL, BNP and our other radical nutters.
  5. ha! the slap heads have killed again.
  6. In Der Spiegel Neo-Nazi Terror Cell Still Shrouded in Mystery
    My bold, some things never change, the last century's most famous Austrian started out his political career as a police tout.
  7. Reading around the phrase "Deep State" is being used in relation to this case. Turks tend to be very suspicious about their security services pulling the strings of extremists and have good reason historically, getting a little suspicious that the same could be happening in Germany is understandable, it's not unknown in modern europe.

    The manner of the bandits suicide is a bit odd, rifle shot to the chest in a burnt out camper van loaded with evidence. My tin foil hats will be twitching in the kebab shops.
  8. The spirit of Nazism seems to have been preserved almost intact in many elements of the GDR - the military nature of the regime probably promoted the nationalism part. Like Russia, GDR citizens seem to welcome 3rd World students, etc, but in reality, despised them (look how quickly Moscow's Lumumba University closed after 1989/1990 because of the violence towards the students). After The Wall came down, the disaffected youth of the former GDR looked in horror at what they saw in the rest of Germany, especially where foreigners were taking jobs they believed they should have had.

    In 2002 on a local train in Berlin I saw a dark girl (obviously a student) being verbally assaulted by a German lad - he simply sat down right opposite her and ranted on and on about how unwelcome she was in Germany, etc, etc. His rant ended when we reached the next stop and two burly Germans took hold of him and bodily threw him off the train. The attitude of the ranter, sadly, is nowhere near unique - it is in fact very widespread, and it almost all certainly started in the old GDR.
  9. I visited East Berlin with a mate in November 1984 and started talking to a black guy in a pub who´d been brought over from Angola in the ´70´s when they went commie to study and work in the East,he reckoned that we were the first people to talk to him in over 6 years!
    A big problem in the East though were the informants that worked for the Stasi so nobody talked to anybody they didn´t know well,they all tended to look at your cheeks when you spoke to them and never looked you in the eyes,fcuking creepy.
    The Ossi´s aren´t really racist,they hate everybody including themselves quite a bit too, but being a terrorist and not telling anybody that you´re a terrorist and killing Turks but not claiming responsibility is about as typical east german as you can get,daft fcukers didn´t even talk to the press so nobody felt as if they were being ´terrorised´,then they top themselves so nobody can inform on them.To top all that the bint that was helping them and is trying for a supergrass badge burns all the evidence to hide what was supposed to be her get out of jail card?................now you know why all the stupid ossi jokes have a ring of truth to them.
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  10. You need to round up the rest of the A Team and go hunt them doggies down.
  11. If you were a cop turning up at the scene of a crime who are you going to go for ...the guy burning rubber down the road in the souped up Jag or the tatty looking hippie on the push bike ? I would suggest they are pretty much perfect getaway options LoL
  12. Just been looking at this thread and saw what the intelligent advertising brought up, coincidence?
  13. Not stylish but I agree that is perfect camouflage in PC Germania.

    The clean cut far right chaps also seem to have been lower on the whiteboard than the dusky Anatolian mafias of the Kraut imagination.