Terror bust up North... and Bob Quick

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by bigeye, Apr 8, 2009.

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  1. Bugger. Might have to go up North.

    Apparently a whole load of Asians have been picked up for terrorist offences.
  2. just heard on the news
    10 arrests reported
  3. wasnt rusholme south manc or cheetham north manc was it? :wink:
  4. Hopefully one of them will be my landlord, my rent is due :)
  5. According to C4 News, the arrests were brought forward because Bob Quick walked into Downing St. holding a memo about the operation in plain sight...which was then photographed by a journo. 8O

    MI5 were involved in the operation and, according to C4, are not best pleased with Mr Quick. :twisted:
  6. I'm in the crew room. I've just been told by OPs that it's 'up north'... which narrows it down not at all.
  7. i heard it was in manchester.. and more worryingly at a university in liverpool 8O
  8. Liverpool John Moores Uni, not suprising, being working there, some of the graffiti/leaflets is pretty obvious.
  9. oooops! 8O
  10. what a tw@t, guess he is off now with a handsome pay off lol
  11. Googled

    "BRITISH police arrested 10 people in anti-terror raids in northwest England overnight, a spokesman said, in what reports said was a major operation.

    The raids were mounted in locations including Liverpool University, according to BBC television, while Sky News reported the raids were part of a long-planned operation which may have been brought forward by events.

    "Ten men have been arrested as part of a counter terrorism operation across the northwest of England," said a Greater Manchester Police spokesman, adding: "A number of addresses ... are currently being searched."

    Britain has been on high alert since July 2005 suicide attacks in London killed 56, while car bomb attacks were foiled in London and Glasgow in June 2007.

    Greater Manchester Police declined to give any more details, as reports suggested raids were ongoing, but said more information could be released within the next few hours."

    BBC News also: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/7990719.stm
  12. With the knobs turned up to 11, mate! :twisted:

    If there's any problem with evidence etc because of the way these arrests were brought forward, Mr Sh1t will meet Mr Fan! 8O
  13. Looking at the pics of the raid on AOL,it appears that one policeman,carrying an HK has a rusty barrel!!
  14. 2 arrests were at Liverpool John Moores Uni, where I attend.

    They were arrested outside of the central library, not to far from the city centre.

    Not good for a student at LJMU...