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Terror Attacks in Europe

There is a difference between regretting events of 830 years ago, compared to 80 years.

How so? in both cases the people who committed the atrocities are (with very few recent exceptions) dead.

I didn't see any 'regret' expressed in that post: no difference in attempted 'points scoring', for those who celebrate events in 1415 or 1690 with such relish.

Those who live in glass houses, etc.
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been done before by the usual nutters. I thought they had got anti crash barriers in the markets now?

A repeat of last year, though this is in a decent sized city, not relatively small country town.
Merry Xmas Ange - wir schaffen es.

I hope this is not what the enlightened among us expect at this time of year.

Screenshot_20201201-162530_Sky News.jpg

RIP all innocents concerned.
Cough BBC

Other news media is available, unless its an all MSM conspiracy.

'A baby was among four people killed and 15 injured when a car tore through a pedestrian shopping street in the southwestern German city of Trier on Tuesday, police said, after arresting the driver. Prosecutor Peter Fritzen said the driver, a 51-year-old Trier native, appeared to be suffering from "psychiatric problems" and had been under the influence of alcohol whilst at the wheel of his silver SUV.'

A drunken German according to Sky News as well. 51 year old man who was born in Trier.

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