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Terror Attacks in Europe

And there needs to be a backlash. Preferably a pan-European one.

Off with the kid gloves, and bin the ECHR.

The Pope needs to stop waffling on about supporting Gay Marriage and reform the Poor Fellow Brothers of the Holy Order of Christ and the Temple of Solomon. ;)

Et voila!
le Empire Strikes Back!

French Parliament has deployed it’s ultimate weapon!

A one minute silence

The victims will be remembered in our thoughts and prayers as well.

Unleash le Chiennes de Guerre and allow retaliation to leave it's mark on the scum.
Funding has been increased over the last year to the Communities Security Trust that provides static protection and mobile patrols both to Synagogues and Mosques. As previously discussed on Saturdays near our local liberal Synagogue there are 6-8 security guards monitoring the road approaches (and look like guys not to be trifled with), one or two CST patrol vehicles (which look like a police car) and at least one Police armed response vehicle covering the clutch of synagogues.

Only last week I saw an ARV parked near a mosque during Friday prayers, as well as three static guards out the front.

What a sh!tty world we are living in that means observing your faith in a place of worship (church/synagogue/mosque*) means putting your life - and that of your family - at risk.

* other places of worship available

The precedent set by Blair of giving in to religious fundamentalist maniacs is clearly paying dividends.
Second attempted attack in Avignon. This time coppers shot the bugger dead before he could hurt anyone. Bon Drills, Mes Amis. :)

Also, security guard at the French consulate in Jeddah was stabbed, but is expected to survive.

Scroll down the article for details.

What a sh!tty world we are living in that means observing your faith in a place of worship (church/synagogue/mosque*) means putting your life - and that of your family - at risk.

This with bells on. Our places of Worship are no longer the safe sanctuaries they are meant to be - can you begin to imagine the grief of the victims families this morning? It’s too early to learn if the perpetrator is home grown or imported, but our Liberal Politicians must take the blame for dropping this horror into our midsts. Enough ‘Lessons to be learned’, Minutes Silences or Marches of Solidarity. Start protecting your own citizens of all faiths and desist from offering sanctuary to the shitholes of the world. Stop navel gazing and show some true Leadership for Gods sake! :-x
It appears the Nice attack may not be isolated as another in Avignon.

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No, this is the real deal. Small, and consists of a handful of wizened old men, apparently.

ISTR the Knights Templar were officially pardoned by the Pope, several hundred years after the Order was wiped out. I didn't know they had an official presence in Rome, no matter how small.
However, their utilisation within France is curtailed. Their name is a giveaway.

Much like the CIA is usually banned from working on US soil. It probably boils down to, "Don't tell us what you're up to and for God's sake don't get caught". ;)

What is the French equivalent to MI5?

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