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Terror Attacks in Europe


Reports elsewhere that the murderer's family, and the parents of the kid that complained, have been arrested by French police.
Allegedly the kid complained to the parents, who rang their mates, one of whom was the murderer.

I saw reports of 8 or 9 arrested, plus an account that the knife man needed to ask pupils to point out the teacher in question as they didn’t know them.
To be fair, that’s been a decent assessment of most of them imho.

I suspect sane, normal and rational people don’t jump to decapitation as a first choice in a teacher dispute.

Not turning up to detention doesn't really compare
Charlie Hebdo should be shut down apparently.

The thing is, that when the Danish newspaper first published the cartoons in their paper and all the muslims were kicking off big style, the BNP were forevever putting up said cartoons on their web site regulary. But I never heard of Nick Griffin or any BNP member being beheaded.
The enablers need to be targetted by the State, all those that turn a blind eye, those that don't report neighbours known to be being naughty, etc.
As for UK, those on watch lists need hoofing out, making life a little easier for the watchers, and hopefully preventing a repeat of the Manchester Arena bombing and similar attacks carried out by those " known to the authorities".
I saw reports of 8 or 9 arrested, plus an account that the knife man needed to ask pupils to point out the teacher in question as they didn’t know them.

10 arrests so far. If implicated in any way, they should never see daylight outside of a prison again. France, like Britain needs it's own Supermax for this type of scum to disappear into for evermore.
I have to disagree with that. Maybe kids in the Metropolitan bubble and some university towns, but a lot of working class kids and even middle class ones are kicking back against that. More people under 30 or probably under 40 watch YouTube more than the BBC and will rarely if even buy a newpaper.

With the internet there is a lot of information out there and most of them can think for themselves. Look at the members of some of these XRW groups who have been arrested. They are all under 25 and some are university graduates.

A lot of young people voted for UKIP when it got 4 million votes in 2016, Leave in the 2016 Referendum, and helped Bojo get his 80 seat majority in the 'red wall' in 2019.
It always seemed to be the scrotes in school who got sent on safari, go-karting etc., whilst the decent kids just got on with it.
No prizes for guessing who got banged up a few years down the line.

RIP Samuel Paty, clearly a brilliant young man who's only mistake was speaking up against Islam.

We should ALL share the pictures Samuel shared with his students in a sign of solidarity with him - to serve as a wake-up call to Muslims everywhere - that it's literally just cartoons and we have had enough of their sh|t.

That's the kind of unity that will speak volumes and honour Samuel's legacy. I hope rallies in memory of Samuel gain traction to highlight how incompatible this despicable religion is with our modern societies.

Literally decapitated - by a Muslim 'Refugee'.

Wake up people.
Must watch. From around +31 mins to +40 mins
Ayaan Hirsi Ali from The Hoover Institute talks about Macron and the Islamism issue.

She also has an article in The spectator and so does Macron. I have found both articles but haven't read them yet. Links below. Around +55m Andrew and Fraser discuss a listener's question about the culture wars. Fraser says Macron delivered a master class but Boris is hopeless on this and tries to avoid it. =-( Andrew recalls "It was very different when he" (Boris) "was doing your job Fraser"

Emmanuel Macron

Building an Islam of the Enlightenment​

16 October 2020, 11:33am
Building an Islam of the Enlightenment | The Spectator

Ayaan Hirsi Ali

The latest Islamist atrocity shows why Emmanuel Macron has to act​

17 October 2020
The latest Islamist atrocity shows why Emmanuel Macron has to act | The Spectator
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