Terror Attacks in Europe

Hopefully Priti the Barabarian will revoke his British citizenship and he can go straight back to Bangladesh at the end of his sentence. Maybe shack up with the loverly Shamina.
Like the child rapists in Rochdale .....
A bit like the slaughter of 7yr old Emily Jones in Bolton -

It stinks of.... Well, time will tell.
Looks like I was probably right, again.

This 'Bolton woman' who stabbed 7yr old Emily Jones is Eltiona Skana - a very traditional Manchester name indeed. It turns out Eltiona Skana is actually an 'Albanian woman' - you know from Albania - that mostly Muslim country.

Although I'm sure this random murder by stabbing had nothing to do with Islam, nothing at all, so it was very considerate of the BBC to try imply the woman was from Bolton, and not an Islamic country.

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