Terror Attacks in Europe in 2019

"So far a terrorist motive is being taken seriously into account. Among other things a letter found in the getaway car and the nature of the facts gives rise to that".

Statement by Dutch police on the BBC website.
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Have we had a tearful tweet yet from Dear Leader Jeremy yet about this attack in the Netherlands ?
Story seems a bit mixed. At around 6pm the story was about a single nutter, Turk, 37 years old, appointment with the beak for rape or similar also a dealer of note (drugs not art) who'd tried to shoot a family member on a tram. When I say tried it was actually a success. Others were shot for not minding their own business, a case of "what are you looking' at?". Bystanders report that the shooter was advertising Allan's snackbar at the time of the shooting. Move on to 11pm and there are now stories of the police picking up another two suspects. Not sure what they were up to and by the sounds of things neither do the police. Probably picked up for looking Turkish with a shifty accent.

The various investigative bodies seem to have concluded that there was no religious motive involved and for once it really was somebody with issues.
Dont say that, you'll trigger the Gammons.

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