Terror attacks in Europe in 2018

Chrismas lights switch on in Glasgow, they had hardened the access to the surrounding streets by using 1000l palleted water containers as bollards. This shocked me as it implied someone had put some thought into things for once.



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With the ongoing protests in France and Belgium, could it be Antifa or similar rather than the usual suspects?
That’s because the lefties have form, shooting up Christmas markets?
Who knew?

It’s as feasible as Le Pens crowd attacking a Christmas market because they disapprove of people having fun.
Not a huge amount of details yet and apologies if this has been already posted.
Man held by armed police at UK Parliament

One dead and three seriously injured, so far.
Alas, no good at reading froggish.
Is it lone wolf, right wing twat, Syrian engineer with pstd, mental nutjob, atheist with a Christmas grudge ? Or the religion that's misunderstood?
Or simply gang shit?

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