Terror attacks in Europe in 2018

Can the same logic be applied under those circumstances?
Apparently not. Only when a certain religion is involved do people come up with cheap excuses.
Probably the Irish, you know how they are.
I'd be quite surprised nowadays. Cricklewood was once a very Irish area. That was a long time ago now.

I know the building that the 'mosque' is housed in. It's the old Oxgate Admiralty Citadel. It was built in the run up to WW2 by the Admiralty as a relief building for the central London operation in Whitehall. From the outside it looks like a run-of-the-mill office building but was heavily fortified with reinforced basement levels for the use of high-ranking naval officers and VIPs in the event of the central London facility being put out of action. It actually predates the citadel in Horse Guards Parade.
Just for clarification
"This incident is not being treated as terror-related, but the hate crime aspect of the collision is being looked at by detectives as an aggravating factor."

'Anti-Islamic taunts' as car hits crowd
Still, its not good to see this mostly Muslim MO of driving cars into people being adopted by us non-Muslims.

I hope those Muslims hurt in the incident make a full recover, and those responsible are caught and dealt with accordingly.
Just an observation in general, and not directed towards the car incident today but - it's pretty unheard of for any incident involving people who are, shall we say - of an islamic hue, and those who are not to involve allegations of racial abuse / islamophobia.

The town where I grew up has a particular problem with "crash for cash" types. They use this gambit also.
I'm pretty convinced that, if the Queen herself swerved her range rover into someone outside a mosque, she would have also been heard to shout islamophobic comments as she did so.

#note - I'm not saying this was the case in this instance- just making an observation.
Just an observation in general...
Here’s another; whatever diversity activity was centred around the mosque, it was happening, as I understand, at 0030.

Folks annoyed by shouty neighbours late at night have been known to go kinetic, religion and / or race being nothing to do with it.
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There is quite a serious issue with fireworks in several Northern towns, being let off at all times of the night due to 'celebrations'.
Never acted upon though...in fact I think the police deliberately give certain areas a "swerve".
The parking enforcers most definitely do on Fridays...
There is quite a serious issue with fireworks in several Northern towns, being let off at all times of the night due to 'celebrations'.
Edinburgh during the Festival and at New Year? CANTS!
You’ve clearly not seen the conditions that some irregular migrants are subject to. It may account for the preponderance of ‘mental issues’ .
Conditions like:

not getting the guest bedroom at Lily Allen's ( other soft twats are available) place.

finding out that young girls don't want fikky fikky,

there is fcuk all to do but hang around railway stations making natives (Germans) uncomfortable,

seeing women with not much on,

seeing people drink alcohol,

seeing people eating pork,

seeing chaps kissing chaps in public,

finding out that not everyone shares the notion that Allah is Akbar,

seeing men with tats,

seeing women with tats,

seeing women in charge of stuff ( female judges and police officers are Kryptonite to 'migrants')

hearing rock and roll.....man,

finding out that the soft in the head Left are not quite as welcoming as they once were. Stabbings, greed, thieving, ingratitude, sexual emergencies tend to sour the milk,

finding that 'football' is not a universal language,

finding out that the nasty bastards whose violence they were fleeing from have also been fleeing violence and are bunking in the same hostel.............let's get ready to rumble.

Those conditions? No wonder they can't drive.
Really? The majority are, but what about, for example, Iranian, Iraqi and Lebanese Christians. Or those from Syria? Don't they count 'cos they are brown?
I don't recall any terror attacks in Europe by Iranian, Iraqi or Lebanese Christians - they all appear to be Muslims.

The colour of someone's skin is totally irrelevant in any of this.

Most terror attacks are inspired by Islam - this is a religion not a race, and you can be any race and be a Muslim.

Muslims don't try murder and maim because of the colour of their skin, whatever it may be - they do it because of their religion:

The "Ginger Jihadi" -

Muslim convert admits plotting to kill 100 in Isil terror attack outside Oxford Street Disney Store

He is a Muslim, bruv. Really.
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