Terror attacks in Europe in 2018

The twists and turns of logic that the journalist must have gone through to write this;

Since the Westminster attack in March 2017, security services have foiled 13 Islamist plots and four from the extreme right-wing, seeing numerous would-be killers jailed.
and this;

Of the five attacks launched in London and Manchester last year, leaving a total of 36 victims dead, Isis claimed responsibility for four and one was carried out by a far-right extremist targeting Muslims.
and this;

Islamists make up 82 per cent of terrorist prisoners, followed by 13 per cent far-right and the rest made up of other ideologies including links to Northern Ireland.
and then come up with that headline as the most significant part of the story must have given the poor dear a very sore head.
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Anti-Gay and Anti-Cathilolic?

Surely not a member of the Religion of Peace? Or maybe even one of Merkel's new guests?

Europe, including in particular the UK, is riddled with these scumbags.

Why don't you leave England, mate?

You seem to be petrified about catching the Islam.

Just go to your wife's gaff in eastern Europe. You'll be much happier.


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How convenient...

Paddy Power decapitation: Mustafa not guilty of murder due to insanity

Not terror at all to behead a man in broad daylight, and nothing to do with Islam of course.

Well done to the legal system covering this one up, and taking the heat off the ROP.
You've come out with some dumb nonsense before, but bravo that's set a new standard in stupidity. It's a plot eh? Damn legal system covering up stuff, you thick as mince moron no wonder the Irish have a reputation for stupidity.
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