Terror attacks in Europe in 2018


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I've noticed a few Irish lads of various Arab backgrounds going out to Arab war zones or participating in uprisings, with some getting the good news or spending time in prison.

It's also been reported in the media that Ireland can be used as a backdoor into other parts of the EU.

I wonder if there'll be a new approach to Islamism in Ireland? Tbh, I don't know what the current approach is.

Jihad fisabeelilah, so it is.
Probably the same as they feel about other weird Johnny Come lately religions. Not that impressed or it would be an ecumenical matter.


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We even exported one from Derry (hey) of course he came home with photos of himself with camels and rpgs and stuff. He’s been in court a couple of times, but I think he was let off with a ‘go away and don’t be an eejit’. You eejit’.
An Egyptian man got a bit stabby yesterday in Dundalk. .
You mean eating lots of pies, choosing his weekends and telling the girlfriend that he was reserve for the balcony?


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