Terror attacks foiled.

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by FNUSNU, Aug 10, 2006.

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  1. Good to see our intelligence and security bretheren actually getting some good press for preventing this attrocity.


    Why do they always refer to these people as Muslim? In my book they are to Islam what Hitler was to Christianity, they make a mockery of true muslims like our collegue Jabba, who paid the ultimate price trying to make things better for the true Muslims and Christians alike.
  2. It appears to be excellent news for the Sy/Int community. Although I'm fairly sure there's more to come.

    But why do accompanying parents have to taste baby milk before getting on the aircraft? If they (the terrorists) are using some sort of liquid explosive and they know that they were going to "achieve paradise" in a couple of hours anyway, they're hardly likely to refuse to drink a bit of it for security purposes even if it did taste awful or was poisonous. Am I missing something ?
  3. Probably to watch if they hesitate, flinch or gag.
  4. They should just ban babies...unless they are going to thoroughly check all nappies prior to boarding...
  5. "....hesitate, flinch or gag..."

    Reminds me of last night !
  6. Fantastic news, well done all those involved in this.

    If those b@stards were successful in detonating devices on one or more aircraft I shudder to think of the loss of life it would have caused. The security situation has been raised to CRITICAL and we must all surely expect an attack very soon so we all need to stand by!!
  7. You've obviously never tried baby formula - revolting stuff*.

    *It was by mistake... honest.
  8. The 'real stuff' is very tasty, even in coffee :lol:
  9. Best straight from source :twisted:
  10. AF 1771, you're brilliant. We just foil a major terrorist attack (probably) and within minutes of you joining the thread we're talking about breast milk. I salute you !
  11. Hell why don't they just ban all passengers then there would be no risk. Or failing that do a full internal exmination after all you never know :roll:
  12. No chance for "Capt Corelli's mandolin" then?

    Excellent book - pass my coat will you Normal Ian?
  13. To be fair to AF, his first attempt at diverting the thread was heading down the 'contents of babies nappies' line... but then he just picked up on the breast milk theme and ran with it - beautiful.
  14. A maestro at his best. I hope the youngsters reading this realise they are in the presence of a thread-diverting genius.
  15. well, he was due.