Terror attack thwarted (apparently)

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Filbert Fox, Nov 23, 2004.

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  1. heard about it on the news this morning.

    well timed to coincide with the queens speech which is being hijacked to bring in Blind Pugh's draconian new anti-terror law!!!

    agent smith
  2. If we're under such threat of terror attack, why are we always on BIKINI BLACK?

    Are the politics of fear making an appearance this side of the Atlantic?
  3. Making an apperance????

    We taught the world how its done.
  4. If it's been thwarted and this much has been leaked to the press, when are we going to see anything going through the courts? Wonder what else Neu LairBore is going to try and sneak out to the press while everybody is concentrating on this and the Queens announcement from BLiar.
  5. Purple_Flash

    Purple_Flash LE Moderator

    My thoughts exactly... and I heard on the Today programme that the Civil Contingenicies Bill allowing our beloved govt to power to suspend ANY Act of Parliament at will (apparently an "environmental emergency" is enough, and the way this govt is going, lighting up a ciggie could be construed as one because it pollutes the air!) was sneaked in under the cover of the hullaballoo about the Hunting With Dogs Act. What glories will issue next from the Reichstag? :?
  6. Lardy Prescott even went so far as to say, when Humphrys had wound him up, that hunting as an issue was 'unimportant' and didn't matter. With his usual bluster he tried to recover by saying that some people were obsessed with it, but by then the Reichkanzler's agenda was no longer hidden.

    The proposed ID cards are really going to help in the battle against crime, illegal immigration and terrorism - they will be compulsory, but if you aren't carrying it, you'll get a 'producer', according to Prescott. How the burglars, immigrants and terrorists will laugh when stopped and asked for ID, to be told to pop it round to the police station whenever they've got a minute....
  7. From The Scotsman:

    This is the key bit:
    So it is all b@llocks and spin to try and whip up support for the Nazification of this country.
  8. Isn't it funny that whenever I happen to be in a Govt building, whatever the "Aaargh! Look! Terrorists!" flap that's going on, there's always a big BLACK SPECIAL sign? You might almost think it wasn't a coincidence.....anyway black bikinis look better on blonde birds. That must be it.

    Check this out[/url]
  9. As it said in the first report "............since 9/11........"

    This story reappears every so often to reassure us

  10. Expect lots of thwarted terrorist "actions" by unamed groups said to be loosely affiliated to "Al Quaeda", troops making the odd apperance at heathrow, police out in force, and the outward signs that we are under siege just prior to the election. Then we'll all be nice and scared and compliant, just as BLiar wants us. Then he can step in and save us from our paranoia.

    Look at the proper indicators like the Bikini alert state and take your cues from that.
  11. worked for the Bush
  12. The key trial on the horizon is that of Abu Musa al-Hindi, allegedly al Qaeda's point-man and recon specialist in the UK and US, who was arrested in north london in August. Turns out the to**er's a Hindu who converetd to Islam in his 20s and then fought as a jihadi in Kashmir. His name came up on the computer discs the CIA/Pakistani ISI captured in Lahore in June.

    The Box 500 spooks say the biggest threat's from vehicle bombs. No one has yet found evidence of another September 11 plot on this side of the pond.