Terror asset-freezing unlawful

Another triumph by a Government which thinks it can Rule, not Govern.


Terror asset-freezing 'unlawful'

"Asset-freezing orders imposed on terror suspects by the Treasury under UN laws were flawed because they "bypassed" Parliament, the High Court has ruled.

Mr Justice Collins allowed challenges by five men denied control of their assets under the orders.

The men, designated terror suspects who have not been charged, said the orders had a "devastating" impact on them.

The judge said the orders were in his view "not lawful" and needed to be approved by parliament.

The five, known as A, K, M, Q and G, were designated terror suspects last year under two Orders in Council.

Suspected of "facilitating acts of terrorism", they were denied control of their own property and money.

Mr Justice Collins said Orders in Council were not subject to the same Parliamentary scrutiny as normal parliamentary legislation.

Each order was laid before Parliament the day after it was made, coming into force on the following day.

He said this was not the proper way to approach asset-freezing and that Parliament should step in. "
Given that even local councils are employing anti terrorism legislation for unrelated issues in a horrific abuse of power I think its overdue that Judges step in to protect the public,
It may be argued that these powers are needed to fight global terrorism but in reality their primary function is to be abused in the most petty ways by clerks in political office.
Oh! dear! Mr. Kim Il Brown will be cross!

I think that it won't be long before this hapless government does a 'Musharaf' on judges and assistant coroners, and removes all those who do not toe the ZANU NeuLiarbour party line.

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