Terror arrests: Real or scare tactics?



Seems to me every once in a while the US Justice Department wheels out a bunch of limp dick wanna-be-gangsters who couldn't hit a wall if they were shooting a BMG in an empty room.

The charges labeled against them are often worthy of a Mr. Bean skit. These fools- among other things- planned to disable the array of low-Earth-orbiting satellites that create the global positioning system- and take the Canadian parliament hostage.

How did they hope to accomplish these feats? Glad you asked. They trained with paintball guns.

Today another plot was uncovered and it reads like a very bad novel. Apparently this here guy was dead set on singlehandely taking on the Bush ranch in Texas, assaulting hydroelectric dams and (presumably if he had time) take out a couple of nuclear plants.

I mean... how much sense does any of this make?

Or is it a case of the tail wagging the dog for no other reason than to change the news cycle? The stories come out with such regularity it makes you wonder.

I wager that the real threats and the real investigations never hit the news.
And covers their own backsides; no spook or cop wants to explain to an inquest why they did'nt arrest what they thought was a Jihadi-Walt a few months before he drove into Washington and turned the White House a lovely new glow in the dark colour...

Or has'nt anyone been following the 7/7 enquiry?

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