Terror arrests link to PM threat

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Whiskybreath, Aug 22, 2008.

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  1. These guys haven't got the gist of "democratic society" yet, have they? If you disagree with Government policy, you use your voice, not plastic explosive, to register your disapproval, and to change the political direction of your selected homeland. Even the brighter cro-magnons in PIRA realised that eventually.

    Notwithstanding their choice of targets in this case (which were actually pretty rubbish, as I doubt that a high percentage of the population would care too much about Brown or Blair - think of the Windsor Castle fire and the public reaction, but consider the 'prestige' angle) I do think that the treason laws need a scarifying, levelling and grading. Murder of a Government official/representative of any kind should attract a signally deterrent sentence. I'd go on, but be bound to be accused of medievalism or something.

    The trouble is, that this sort of nonsense is going to carry on unless there's a fairly radical counter to it. Sensibly, what's that going to be?
  2. So they were nicked for making threats on a Website? That's half the members of this site "dissapeared" then.
  3. I would imagine that there's a more prosecutable reason than that. I would hope so, anyway...
  4. Hope so, but there has been a number of questionble conviction of the most fantacist Moslems which do make you wonder, such as, downloading literature from the web, or four blokes having a bullsh1t conversation etc.
  5. My first reaction on seeing this Thread was: sh1te - they've finally arrested the Lord Flashheart!

    My SECOND reaction was to look out the window and make sure the local Plod's Armed Response Unit was getting ready to storm the house...

    Frankly, and as long as there is no collateral damage, I could give a fcuk about politicians getting slotted.
  6. "Murder of a Government official/representative of any kind should attract a signally deterrent sentence."

    WTF? Doesn't their salary reflect that part of their job is to be a moving Fig. 11?

    Anyone attempting murder of a politician should be jailed for a very long time, though.
    (It would serve as a reminder of the price of failure to those who follow in their steps).
  7. What about the very, very few who actually do represent your opinion? And those who're servants of the state, such as police, soldiers, nurses etc?

    I've had a couple of MPs who were outstanding, and I know of a fair few "Government Officials" (including military people) whose assassinations went against my sense of fair play.

    The Chinese established some sort of 'protest park' in Peking to accommodate the loons who disagreed with their policies on torture, execution etc; Larry Niven wrote about a similar idea where no normal law was enforced ("Cloak of Anarchy"). Neither worked. What will?
  8. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    Any of them have an Arrse account?
  9. Errrrr, is expressing a desire to see Brown dangling from a lamp post a crime then?
    I think I might be in bother.
    Not sure how that would all work in Court considering the crimes he is guilty of.
  10. You have a point there.
  11. The terrorist or the political puppets?
  12. Trans-sane

    Trans-sane LE Book Reviewer

    I think a large number of us are in trouble. Like everyone who posted in the "coup" thread.
  13. Yeah. If anyone thinks that a bit of internet chat is the basis for a prosecution then they deserve the CPS we have. I doubt very much whether a team of Columbos have been despatched to Finland on the basis of a line of snaggle-toothed Islamic wisdom on some Bradford-based public opinion board.

    Unless I'm very much behind the times, a bit of evidence is required.
  14. Bummer.
    As from now I shall only post on Arrse from randomly chosen internet cafe's in towns some distance from where I live......

    As Whiskeybreath points out, I would really hope a bit of internet vitriol is not sufficient grounds for being arrested under terrorism legislation.
    On the other hand it does seem to be used for anything your local council see's fit to persue you for
  15. Somebody prolly just got OUR Gestapo on them, tho... :twisted: