Terror arrests in Manchester and Merseyside

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by FunkyNewBlood, May 24, 2006.

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  1. well done boys.

    must've been up early for that one!
  2. Let's hope they have something good to pin on them so they get remanded to HMP Belmarsh.

    Keep the momentum up boys & well done :)
  3. Sporting an offensive beard?
  4. Does anyone want to take a bet that most of them will walk under the Human Rights Act? Still, if the terror charges don't stick we can always do them for putting the wrong type of rubbish in the recycle bin or something.
  5. terrorism perhaps?
  6. To easy.

    Wearing MC Hammer style trousers in public?
  7. Im supprised Belmarsh is not busting at the seems with prisoners at the moment.
  8. Reids raids.
  9. More to come..... wait out :D
  10. I will be a lot more impressed when they actually secure convictions..
  11. How many police does it take to arrest 9 terrorist suspects? 500 Apparently.
    Either they were expecting to arrest many more, or it was total overkill.
    Good headline though to show action man Reid in a good light
  12. Good point, well made. It's always the same. Huge amounts of tax payers money spent in arresting these people and then some scum lawyer gets them off on some poxy technicality. Can we alt least ensure that, if eligible, they are deported?
  13. Or.... <cynical>

    The police are fishing with a net rather than hunting. They turn up at the houses of everyone who's connected with everyone who's connected, (hence 500 cops), and accept that half the houses will be innocent, and that half the people they take down the station will be completely innocent, and that they won't find any proof for half of the guilty ones, and that a chunk of the ones that they think are innocent will be guilty, and vice versa....

    So, you see the statistic "500 cops, 9 arrests, 4 (say) end up in court". You could argue that the ambulance chasers have "got 5 of them off", or that they were just separating the sheep from the goats.

    I'd find it more interesting of they said something along the lines of "500 cops, 50 properties, 250 people chatted to, 30 people interviewed formally, 9 people reckoned to be "very interesting", 4 of those people reckoned to be genuine players".
  14. I'd prefer to see 500 cops, 250 sympathisers prosecuted or deported.... its the only way to be sure....