Terror arrests in Cheltenham

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by IndependentBoffin, May 12, 2012.

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  1. Two men arrested in Cheltenham over terror offences - Telegraph

    Why is it these arrents happen and then follow up news of what explosives were found, outcome of investigations, convictions at court, etc. drop off the radar? Maybe I am not following the right news sources?
  2. Because it could take up to a year to get a "simple" matter to court.
  3. Let me guess Argentine polo players from Beaufort?
  4. Pretty much anything can be "explosive" if used (in)correctly. Flammable gases, aerosolised petrol, compressed gases, combustible dusts, micro/nanothermites. And we haven't even gotten to explosive chemicals.

    Pardon my ignorance of follow-up details of past cases but can you please point me to some past terrorism-related raids + arrests which led to convictions and a description of exactly what explosives were found?
  5. As the crocodile said to the elephants child, "why do you ask such things?"
  6. Curiosity. Insatiable.
  7. Blimey, I drove through there the other day. Or was it Chippenham, I always get them muddled up.

    I think I'm going to stay in more.
  8. Google
  9. If you don't know you wern't in Nham. Maaan.
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  10. Could be a drug factory of some description.
  11. AFAIK other than Richard Reid, the Underwear Bomber, the 7/7 bombers and the failed Glasgow clowns, the explosive used is not in the news. IIRC further the arrested people seem to get released without charge.
  12. Maybe it is not in the news for a reason?

    Is that not a genuine public protection rationale? Or should we all have the recipe for a good home made explosive?

    What other arrests are you referring to that get released without charge?
  13. Excuse my naivete, but what reason can that be?

    Depends on the reason.

    So do you think it is reasonable that information from GCSE and above Chemistry/Physics should be regulated?

    What about all the recipes floating around the 'net? Censor them Iran style too?

    For example:
    BBC News - Sellafield nuclear site terror suspects released
    All 12 men arrested during anti-terror raids released without charge | UK news | guardian.co.uk
    Aid convoy terror suspects released without charge - Crime - UK - The Independent
  14. IB, go on google and type in 'terrorist convictions in uk explosives found' it gives you loads of hits which can be looked at. However, the majority (all faik) are HME. They are not going to say what explosives were created in my view despite the fact that most of the information is already available on the web, as it would be irresponsible.

    BBC NEWS | UK | Three guilty of airline bomb plot
    This is just one and the links take you to various parts of the trial. If you think they are going to tell you exactly what kind and the constituent chemicals involved, initiation devices etc I'm sorry but you may be a tad niave.