Terror advisers customs warning

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by india-juliet, Jun 19, 2006.

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  1. Customs officers are so thin on the ground that they are "no discouragement to terrorists", the UK's official reviewer of terror laws has warned.
    Lord Carlile, in an annual report, said adequate staffing at "ports of entry of all kinds is an important matter".

    He told how in March 2006 he himself tried to declare some gifts on arrival at Heathrow from South Asia, but there were no customs officers and the phone provided to do this failed to operate.

    "Yehh thats because there too busy harrasing the Calais day trippers at Dover and taking their booze and fags of them!!" :x
  2. On a recent trip abroad, I realised just how wrong we've got the whole customs/security thing. Every foreign country I've been to makes a point of searching/scanning all incoming passengers to some degree and has loads of security and customs bods around. Out bound from these countries they don't give a toss what you're carrying as your leaving their country. They go through the motions but no-one watches the scanners etc. In the UK (airports especially) we do it the other way round.

    Do the muppets in charge not see the problem with this??

  3. We went to USA on holiday and you come off the flight straight in to immigration separate channels for USA passpoert holders and people with Green Cards every person was checked a card was put inside your passport and when you checked in it was removed Then we landed at Heathrow it looked shambolic they didn't appear to be paying close attention or check passports thoroughly.You got the impression anyone coulod just walk through