Territorials, A Century of Service (book)

'Territorials, A Century of Service' by Professor Ian FW Beckett. DRA Publishing. ISBN 0955781310

The definitive, official history of the Territorial Army - Territorials, A Century of Service - was launched at a reception at the National Army Museum in London yesterday, Thursday 3 April 2008.

The launch was hosted by Chief of the General Staff (CGS) General Sir Richard Dannatt and attended by Baroness Taylor, Minister for Defence Equipment and Support. The book itself commemorates the centenary of the Territorial Army, and charts the history of the TA from its formation on 1 April 1908 to the present day.

The book has been written by renowned military historian, Professor Ian FW Beckett, Professor of History at the University of Northampton and a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society:

"I am extremely honoured to have been invited to write the book for TA100 and to be part of the celebrations of an organisation with such a fascinating history," Professor Beckett said.

'Territorials, A Century of Service' brings to life the story of the Territorial Army, and its challenges and achievements during a century of service. General Dannatt said:

"Professor Beckett has provided us with a superb chronicle, which should stand as a memorial to those Territorials who have gone before, and a tribute to those who serve today."

In the book, Professor Beckett charts the passage of the TA through two world wars, the cold war years to more recent times in Iraq and Afghanistan. During this time the TA has moved from being a poorly equipped forgotten force to what it is today - a professional, well equipped and highly motivated organisation which provides indispensable support on current operations.


Rainbow-Warrior said:
at about £30 a pop I doubt that the average TA bod will be able to afford it
Any other wild, inaccurate and patronising assumptions you would like to throw in?

Rainbow-Warrior said:
at about £30 a pop I doubt that the average TA bod will be able to afford it
I have started a special savings account, and should be able to afford the book in a few months time. Maybe sooner if the bounty turns up :)
it is a tad expensive so I won't be putting it on my immediate read list. Too big and heavy for my holiday read. Maybe the Birthday list?

However, I would love to read a review here- anyone bought a copy yet?
£25 in Borders so with staff discount that works out at £17.50 :)
JPALegend said:
supermark500 said:
£25 in Borders so with staff discount that works out at £17.50 :)
Do Borders have this book on their shelves or will it be in latter on this week?
Should be in any day now. It's been delayed by the publisher. I think I'll chase it up.
At least when my regiment pushed out its centenary book everybody serving/OCA got a free copy - albeit with a polite suggestion from the trustees that contributions were welcome.
Wait a while - I'm sure TA100 will come down in price

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