Territorial vrs Regular Regt/Corps/Arm history

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by RobinTheHood, Aug 13, 2006.

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  1. Guess this maybe not a very 'one army' post, but where do our loyalties lie.

    My own sub unit is going through a merger and loyalties are all over the place. Maybe its similar to the numerous Londons threads on this site, one group sticking to their territorial history and the others abandoning it.
  2. I'm intrigued, doesn't the Robin Hood name presides with a RE unit and a ACF det ? Whats the merger and why are irrate about it /

    Also don't the Robin Hoods only have 2 VCs ?

    Not a dig, just interested
  3. 4RGJ had two VC's, London Scots 2, 5RGJ 2......... if my memory serves me right. Considering that TA units only ever expanded into 2 or 3 Bn's (compared to dozens for regular regiments) and only served in 2 major conflicts I would say when it comes to VC's the TA was on par with their regular comrades.
  4. I was commenting on the line

    So the Corps in question can't have many then ?!?
  5. The Corps is prob Royal Sigs who have absorbed a vast number of former TA Inf units - but they do have VC's as they "inherit" those of ancestor units
  6. Probably Sigs, I've heard that a number of Sigs officers continue to wear 'Robin Hoods' badges (e.g. Crois de Guerre) on service dress/mess kit. I would have thought that was wrong?
  7. Why? The Rifles will wear the CdG from the DLI(TA)
  8. I expect it depends how closely you can identify with that history. If there is a 'pure' lineage to a clearly identifiable heritage then it is perhaps more of a loyalty. As has been expressed in the Gunner thread people seem to have a loyalty to their batteries, and are proud of their identity as 'Gunners' but the individual regiments mean less. There is clearly a paralell with the TA Corps or Big regiments, where people see loyalty to their sub unit and wider Corps, but have little, or less, loyalty to a regiment shose footprint might be 200 miles.
  9. Very true and I would of thought that this was more relevent in a TA independent uint that only sees it regiment in whole a few times a year

  10. Just to mix it up but wasn't the Robin Hoods an RA unit when it won the Belgian Croix de Guerre ? :wink:
  11. but after disbandment (1992), surely that right ceases?

    I'm not sure that matters? Surely the 'regimental family' continues regardless of the cap badge (i.e. the territorial link is far stronger than the parent corps).

    When I joined Leeds Rifles I was told about their history, the fact they've been West Riding, RTR, RA, PWO etc wasn't important.
  12. Absolutely, its not the job that has been done, but the men who did it which is important. Aside from Yeomanry most units will have an infantry link from the Great War.
  13. Yes, it was stolen from the 'hoods' in 2001

    They can have it back for 30 bags of jelly babies (I'll even throw in the silverware and drums.... what did happen to them?).
  14. Drums? Surely bugles. Wasn't it supposed to be a Rifle regiment?