Territorial Force War Medal 1914 - 19

It appears my Great Grandfather wasn't awarded this medal.

But from the info I have he was:

Members of the Territorial Force on the 4th August 1914

Actually served outside the United Kingdom between 4th August 1914 and 11th November 1918

Were not eligible for the 1914 or 1914 - 15 Star. - wasn't awarded this either

Although I may have evidence he may not have (as it included serving in Ireland)

Volunteered prior to the 30th September 1914 to serve outside the United Kingdom

How would I prove/disprove the last bit? His service records were destroyed in WW2. The photo's I have seem to indicate he was in home service units prior to 1918 as a rifle instructor. Family rumour has him down as getting an injury in the war
the thing with this medal is A) it was like rocking horse dodo at the time and B) has some really odd qualifying critria
in addition to all the above that you have stated hear is the party line from my books on medals

Granted to all members of the Territorial Force embodied before 30th September 1914, who had completed four years service by that date,and who had served outside the United Kingdom(Ireland was apart of the UK at this time) between 4 August 1914 and 11 November 1918. Those who had already qualifyed for the1914 or 1914-15 Stars, however were excluded

so if your Great Grandad had less than 4 years service before the war and was in Ireland till 1916 = No TFWM
balldrick said:
so if your Great Grandad had less than 4 years service before the war and was in Ireland till 1916 = No TFWM
The evidence I have appears to show he was an original Territorial in 1908, although their appears to be a gap in the records I have from 1914-1916. One of the postcards is about Home Service (soldier guarding a railway track captioned 'money for nowt' on the back its written 'they don't mean us do they'). This doesn't match 1918 postcards which show a lot of pride serving with 2/6th DLI on the Western Front.
I would put money on the fact he served in Ireland have you tried finding out what division/brigade he was in at the start of the war and tracking there movements if it turns out they went to India or other places in the empire try and get MODMO to cough up with the medal
Started off with 7(RHR) Bn Notts & Derbys, then 21st Notts & Derbys (which was formed in 1915 from Home Service personnel) before returning to 46 Div with 2/6 DLI. I have no info on him serving with 2/7th Notts & Derbys in Ireland.

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