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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by chris_921, Dec 2, 2005.

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  1. Hi - I'm doing a research project in University on the recent drop in numbers for the TA. With yourselves being directly involved in the armed services - I was just wondering if theres any reasons for this that you can think cause this? ie - are they paid too little, or not resepected as much, or has the war in Iraq had major effects?

    Any responses and help would be greatly appreciated, thank you for your time.
  2. I would very much doubt if you find anyone offering helpfull advise.

    Have a look in the TA forum and try and glean the information for yourself.
  3. I smell a rat SAY NOWT
  4. Standards of English at British universities today. Discuss.
  5. I'm Leaving because some Cadet :oops: pinched my Ice Cream :cry: :cry: :cry:
  6. Not my first language.

    People let you lot loose in foreign countries with guns?

    No wonder there's a bloody backlash out there.

    I make a polite request and you get idiots responding like that.
  7. I think someone has spat the dummy out :lol: :lol:

    If you want info, why do'nt you go and visit a TA centre and ask the questions face to face 8O . Instead of askiing on a website. :wink:
  8. Done so.

    No replies there.
  9. [​IMG]

    Yes, I know I already used it once this month but he deserves it.
  10. I hope your research has also identified the recent rise in recruitment, I wonder what's causing that? Or is that too positive an angle to impress your Editor.

    I'm sorry, I meant to say Lecturer.

  11. Recent rise in recruitment has also been met with a larger number of people leaving.

    Plus, given the amount of money spent on advertising (according to the Times is about £3m) - the recent rise of just 660 recruits is hardly value for money.

    So yes, I have done my research - but some questions about the state of the TA have been answered well by you lot on here.
  12. Yeah check this herbert out. I think that maybe the T.A numbers are dwindling because they are all cowards and cant hack doing it proper. Or is it because they didnt like the naked musical chairs whilsts being poked with the crow correcter. Fcuk off u journo muppet. Join up and find out!
  13. Thanks for making me snort coffee over my keyboard.
  14. I think someone has never had contact* with British Soldiers before, have they?

    Expect banter and p*sstaking at every step - it's what we're famous for. If you're genuinely a student writing an essay, don't expect us to write it for you. However the way in which you asked (you were always going to get a hell of a lot more opinion than fact - and the fact that you call the above "research"), is highly reminiscent of tabloid journalism.

    Tabloid journalists are not really liked round here. At all.

    * No, not like "Contact, Journo, 100m to your front, go on!"
  15. Last year or so we lost one guy done a tour had enough.One left in a tiff .2 went off to do selection .One joined the regulars .One binned through criminal charges .So no flood of people refusing to go .Actually no real change in genral
    apart from half the coy seem to be elsewhere for half the year .