Territorial Army Sponsored Officer (TASO)


I was wondering if anyone has any guidance on becoming a TASO? I've seen on Arrsepedia that this means you're on group B terms and conditions..? What does this mean? I also assume you have to go through AOSB? What cap badge would you wear? That of your sponosoring regiment or that of your OTC?

I've no clue but I'm concerned that using the new approved nomenclature, the ARSO route might make it sound like you were being recruited into the Chinese army.

Tapped in morse code on the radiator.
POI6R are you part of an OTC, it's a scheme designed for those who wish to stay in the reserves after uni, (either Officer or to a lesser extent, trooper)


TASO TA Sponsored Officer – The intention is to try to get OTC Cadets to engage with the AR and in particular local units. The way we look at it is, it is an expression of interest in the Regiment, you wear the regiments hat and Capbadge at your OTC and in return you will be invited to take part in a number of training and social events.

While a TASO you continue to serve at a OTC, get paid and administrated by them. They will put you through AOSB, and with regards Gp B Terms and conditions, it refers to liability to be mobilised (nil while in full time education or only if the Russians decide to kick off) and bounty (low £150).

However, at this stage, no one is offering or accepting a commission into the Regiment of choice and neither are bound over. However it gives the Regiment and you the opportunity in having a good extended look at the role, the regime and the locations. You will only need to go firm as you go to RMAS.

My suggestion to you is to go on a number of visits, pick who you would like to join and then apply through your OTC (usually the 2IC) to become a TASO in whichever Regiment you would like. They will keep in touch and hopefully keep you interested, dangling an exciting light at the end of the MOD1 and 2 tunnel.

However, realise not everyone can pass AOSB, and also think about joining as a soldier if the officer thing doesn’t work out.


I'm not in an OTC as of yet however hope to be next year. I was under the impression you had to speak to the reserve unit before joining the OTC..? It seems as though you can join the OTC first and then apply to be a TASO at a later date?


Join the OTC, get on any visits or exercises you can with local Reserve units, then decide which one you would like to be "sponsored" by.

Unless they by some miracle have a glut of junior officers, they will be glad to have someone express an interest.

What you will get from being a TASO will vary depending on you, your OTC and the reserve unit.

It could range from beret and belt but very little else through to attendance on exercises (including overseas), mess events etc.
It depends what you want. If you wish to get an insight into the Army whilst at uni, join one of the best social drinking clubs, join an OTC, get through AOSB and see where it takes you (just don't forget the TASO/ResSO scheme)

If you are serious about the Reserves rather then the Regs, which I can encourage, there is no harm approaching your local Reserve unit, give the PSAO a call, tell them (briefly) about yourself, and your intentions, they will probably be dying for new, young 2Lt's if you have time, go through soldier selection, attest yourself into the army, you can still go to UOTC with their capbadge and the OTC's are well set to carry out the modular training for a Reserve Commission
I have an Aide Memoire pinned to the wall titled Recruiting Group - Army Reserve Officer Aide Memoire. It is not protectively marked but runs to 4 pages, s6 with annexes. I have looked on DII for a soft copy but the Recruiting group link is broken on the DII DG ART homepage.

If we had, say, a sticky with the unclass bumpf we could end all this ignorance and angst right now.