Territorial Army Soldier Jailed for 18 Months

This guy is depressed, sets fire to his flat, get jailed for 18 months (not that uncommon these days I suppose) What I fail to see is the connection between the TA or the Army in general in regards to the press report. No mention of PTSD having a particular hard tour etc just the fact he was TA and burnt his place down. Any comments? apart from the usual jouno baiting that is.

Yeah, perhaps he used some Hexi that he had spare and therefore it's the TA's fault.

How are you by the way?


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Looks like he had his OC / someone from his unit as a character witness, reading the article.

Suspect they've picked up on that for the article but agree that I can't see the relevance of what he does in his spare time beyond that.
C'mon topic poster - for ten and a half years this country has endured a concerted attack on Her Majesty's Armed Forces.


They threaten the supremacy of the Marxist leaning, proto-Stalinist, apparatchiks who now so inadequately govern us.

They have now removed, by their appalling handling of the Services, the only threat they have of establishing a Communistic state in GB.

PS. I'll die before they win.


Methinks the only reason his TA service was mentioned was because he got references from his unit, if that hadn't happened there wouldn't have been a mention at all.

Probably the way the paper decided to "spice up" an otherwise fairly routine story.

This really grips my shit. If a bloke who has been outside for 10 years commits a crime then he is an ex soldier not a gas man or bt engineer etc. This nation really needs to wake up to the fact that the printed press is a load of bollocks and people should stop buying into this crap.
IF it was a service related mental health problem and I say IF, then the system for checking is already in doubt!
This does open up many more questions and is poor reporting at best!
OR are they going to say "Difficult Childhood Predicts Later Psychological Problems in UK Military Men”, as a report concluded last November?
Another Mod cop out!

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