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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Millwallrob123, Mar 6, 2013.

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  1. Hi all i passed my territorial army selection just this saturday and have my army attestation just next tuesday. Very excited to start training but i would like to know if there is any kit that comes in handy thats not on the kitlist, anything i can take on my training weekends to help me also any other advice would be great im looking forward to the answers :)

  2. Search function ?
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    Oy gevalt...
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  5. as I'm sure many will tell you, there is no point buying non issue kit at this stage as 1. You don't know for sure you'll get through all the training. 2. RTC's seem to be quite **** about everyone using issue kit, keeps everyone on a level playing field, which is fair enough.

    you might get away with a metal crusader mug to cook in so you dont dirty your mess tins. other than that, speaking as someone who is going through the process Iv'e had no issues with any of the issue kit. The only reason for buying the gucci stuff is to save weight and space, and when your loading your bergen for tabs you need to get it up to the required weight so at this stage there's not much point. Good luck with your training, first few weekends are a bit of a shock but just switch the bit of your brain off that sometimes says 'im tired screw this i'd rather be in bed'. its long days but good fun, make the most of it.
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  6. Drivers_lag

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    I did some digging for you.



    A tooleniminoolinmolooninmilaa.

    A bomb for your fist.

    A spare tooleniminoolinmolooninmilaa

    A red coat.

    A wide slap of leather to tie round your throat.

    A cockade for your hat.

    A backup spare tooleniminoolinmolooninmilaa

    A spare eye, thigh and even more tooleniminoolinmolooninmilaa's.

    An elegant leg made of wood.

    Some more tooleniminoolinmolooninmilaa's as many as you can fit in your bergan it seems.
    Most of this seems to be issued, but you should always bring your own.

    Hope this helps.

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  7. Great thanks for the help everyone attestation done bring on the training :)
  8. Rob, I'm going through the same process atm, got selection weekend starting tonight and if all goes well I'll be attested on tuesday. Just out of interest, did you get your kit issued at the same time you were attested? I know it's probably different for different regiments but was just curious.