Territorial Army medal

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by wildcard.rgbw, Jan 20, 2010.

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  1. There's millions of commemorative medals out there, why is this one worthy of note?
  2. Pulling power?
  3. It looks naff as fvck! The ribbon looks like a tie!

  4. This was done to death this afternoon then holed, if you want to pay 30 and a half quid, fill yer boots. This thread should go the same way, TO THE HOLE.
  5. Micky Mouse has got a Geoff Hoon watch, that is how authentic this L.O.B. is.
    Why bother?
  6. Quote

    The full-size medal is available to all those who served in the TA or TAVR, their next of kin or direct descendants.

    What about PSI’s :? :?

    F*cking discrimination is what it is, we get sentenced to the f*ckers for 2 years, spend our time chasing, cajoling, bribing and begging the b*stards to attend non bounty earning stuff, get accused of shagging the little PSI point scoring darlings, yet no f*cking commemorative medal 8O

    SNOT FARE I TELLS YA :evil: :twisted: :x
  7. CAARPS, I'm sure that if you fill the application form in and send off the money, you'll get one.

    But why is Territorial Army Centennial Medal abbreviated to TAFM? FTAM I could understand... ...even FTAFM...
  8. Use your endless PSI experience and make a false declaration on the application form. Simples.
  9. He doesn't need to lie. It asks for your TA Service dates. CAARPS has been serviced by the TA.

    I WANT TO BE F*CKING MENTIONED in the list otherwise I will be stamping my feet at the end of the bar and collaring any poor f*cker passing until his eyes bleed :wink:

    I want the eligibility so I can feel spechul as well :D
  11. So what were you searching for when you found it?

    Near enough anyone then. :?

    I bet they check very carefully before selling the 'medal' that you are 'qualified'.
  12. So...

    is there anyone who isn't entitled to one?
  13. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    Non Walts.
  14. No ones entitled to a commemorative, you just buy them.