Territorial army courses and skiing

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by paulored, Sep 11, 2010.

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  1. I am considering joining the Territorial army as an Officer. I understand that this process could take up to 2-3 years to complete.

    I was wondering whether adventurous training opportunities were open to all or if I would have to pass out of Sandhurst before I could attend courses.

    I am a keen skier and wondered if anyone knew if there are ski courses available to TA members and what sort of ability of skier or length of service you would have to be able get on to these.

    Many thanks for any response.
  2. So you want to join up to go skiing
  3. paulored, please don't take this the wrong way (because it's not meant to be a put-down) but this is either a 'wah' or you need to do some serious boning up on current affairs.
    Start by googling 'massive cuts in MOD spending' and see if you can develop your own answer. This site contains a fair number of clues too.
    If a fraction of the rumours come to pass, you'll be lucky to get issued Boots CH, never mind Boots, Skiing.
    Hope this helps and good luck with your application.
  4. The simple answer is that up until recently the TA were allowed to bid for Adventurous Training (AT) courses such as skiing, but were quite low down the priority list. There certainly used to be TA Teams in Ex SPARTAN HIKE, the LAND alpine & cross country championships and other events.

    Similarly Units would often run their own skiing expeditions. All these activities catered for complete novices up to people who could compete nationally. The activities would be anything from very little cost to the individual up to paying full whack.

    However, as stickybomb has said, times is 'ard. Even when I was administering an AT Fund before I left four years ago the amount of cash available was diminishing & the scrutiny of applications getting harsher to make sure that taxpayers' money was not being used to fund holidays.

    In addition there will be an issue with Man Training Days. With belts tightening all round your chances of getting paid to go & ski are likely to be minimal.

    As to length of service priority quite rightly went to the most junior Soldiers, then the most junior Officers, then the next up the chain and so on. Just remember when you are preparing for RMAS you will already need a very understanding employer to get the time off for core training. Getting more for jollies is likely to be difficult.

    All the best, though. The days when the Army would pay someone like me to learn to ski, go offshore yachting, skydive, SCUBA dive, ride, mountaineer, bobsleigh & so on are not completely gone, however the opportunities are reducing...
  5. They might stretch to an afternoon in the snow dome at MK, but your days of spending months detached from your unit on the piste are long gone as captainPlume has so eloquently stated.
  6. afte reading this i realise how lucky i was last year....10 days skiing with pay!!

    jammy CNUT eh?!!