Terrible standard of English

Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by fas_et_gloria, Feb 4, 2005.

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  1. Right,

    I'm not one to complain. I'm not. I read, and giggle at the things that some people put on here. Some there are who have broken keyboards (perhaps they were saoked in brine during naval service...?) and are, as such, unable to type vowels. Some few, clearly, were educated at the expense of the taxpayer, from which we must infer that, a) their parents did not love them, or b) they were too dull when it was scholarship time. All this is water under the bridge. Why should I care that clauses, nay sentences are concluded with a preposition or that they are begun with conjunctions? I do not. That there are people who can type a nineteen word post and make 9 errors - I can't be arrsed.

    It does concern me though that, even when I put them in, two spaces fail to appear after my full stops when I submit things. It says to do it in JSP 101 so I do, I sent three things back to the Adjt last week and two to the CO with red pen on, but all my posts look like I'm just making up the rules as I go along.

    Lip out. Thumb in gob.
  2. What sort of English is that? All those glass houses, pick up the stone!
  3. You think it's bad here?
    Trying going over to the UF site and try and understand some of the rubbish spoken there.

    Mind you most of it is spoken by arrse members over there on op's! :D
  4. msr

    msr LE

  5. Not a lot gets past you does it msr?
  6. Dear Fas,
    The long and the short of it is this: JSP101 is hopelessly anachronistic and, in this case, for absolutely no good reason.

    The double space convention dates back to the times when all we had were ordinary typewriters which are equipped with waht is known in the trade as monospace letterforms. This means that there was a standard width to the letter regardless of whether it was a 'W' or an 'i' -- ever wondered why a typewritten 'i' has serifs like an I-beam girder? In order to make a page more legible, typists used to insert double spaces after their 'periods' [fnarr fnarr].

    We are now equipped with modern wordprocessing equipment which use variable width letterforms thus rendering the double space habit redundant. Incidentally, this feature has brought many grow staff officers to their knees after a whole afternoon of lining things up on the screen with the spacebar only to find that the printed page looks more like the Norwegian coastline.

    Hope this helps,
    Sticky :D
  7. Fcuk it.

    The deliberately obtuse, but not, fundamentally incorrect sort. :lol:
  8. The use of double spacings after periods is a cardinal sin. The exact reasons for this outdated mode of typing have been covered, but IT MUST END.

  9. Heavy foot drill is rather out of date also. I still count 2, 3, whenever I stop walking... 8)
  10. This is undoubtedly one of the most important matters to be raised on ARRSE yet. I can't help typing two spaces after every full stop, but for all you know I could be lying.

    I think the double space makes blocks of text easier to read. As to the technical implications of computers v typewriters, MS Word can be set to do it for you.

    Fortunately, I was never called upon to communicate with either Adjt or CO by ARRSE PM. When I think of some of the service writing I have produced along the way, I agree that emoticons could have been very useful.
  11. I was reminded of the probably apocryphal story of the member of the gun crew (RHA, HAC...dunno) who was observed to run ten yards to the rear and kneel before the order to fire was given. His job was to hold the horses...that were retired years ago.

    **stick retires to bunker with sandwiches and flask to await 'stonk' of indignant dropshort posts and airburst PMs**
  12. No, but you know how to have a good time, don't you? The nights must fly past at your place.................
  13. 10 rds of indignant FFE:

    Submarines have crews - guns have detachments.

    But you are perfectly correct, Sir!! :D
  14. ...and this from the man who is single handedly bringing democracy to the huddled masses of the guardroom!

    p.s. I believe you about the two spaces.
  15. I assume you mean "The deliberately obtuse but not, fundamentally , incorrect sort" ? 8)