Terrible news from Germany

The Mail is reporting 1 dead and 9 injured in Germany on anexcersise.


The Mail also cannot even be bothered to source its pictures correctly.
Have you got a link?
Condolences to the dead soldier and my sympathies to the injured. It appears a Fuchs had lost control and hit them, which the Mail reports as:

Tragic: A British soldier was killed training in Germany when a car ploughed into his platoon
Clearly they have never seen a Fuchs! It is hardly 'car' like.

Tragic news as always.

Why are they showing the maingate of Hohne Camp as the scene of the accident, fcuking nobbers.
Doesn't sound good at all. I wonder how lucky the injured were in the fact that there were some GE Med services training there at the same time.

A further search brought up this article about a chap training with the US Army:


And this one:


These appear (to me) to be seperate incidents, but, due to the nature of the articles, (and my appaulling ignorance of German geography and mlitary training) I couldn't say for certain.
I found a pretty detailed article in the local paper here: http://www.oberpfalznetz.de/onetz/1344680-100,1,0.html [German]. It's from 15th April, a Google search did not turn up any newer reports.

Here's a quick and dirty translation:

Accident during manoeuvre at Hohenfels

British soldier dies - Injured at hospitals in Regensburg

On Monday morning, nine British soldiers were injured in a serious vehicle accident on the American military training area Hohenfels. According to our sources, one British soldier has succumbed to his serious injuries. A vehicle, apparently a wheeled light-tank type "Fuchs", left a gravel road and overturned several times.

A spokesman of the British 1st Armoured Division would only confirm on Monday that an accident did occur and involved members of the 7th Armoured Brigade. He told this paper that further information would be given at a later date. The US Army reported that it was investigating the cause of the accident.

Six injured soldiers were brought to University Hospital Regensburg and two others to the Hospital "Barmherzige Brueder" [~ Merciful Brothers], also in Regensburg. One British soldier received ambulant care at hospital St. Marien in Amberg.

German emergency services, including emergency doctors, were among the rescue forces that rushed to the aid of the injured soldiers. They were sent from Parsberg, Hemau, Regenstauf and Amberg. The rescue helicopters based in Regensburg and Nuernberg were also deployed and airlifted some of the injured to the University Hospital [Regensburg]. The US Army also airlifted injured personnel with a military helicopter. The German response to the incident was coordinated by the emergency coordination centre in Regensburg.

The 7th Armoured Brigade has been stationed in Bergen-Hohne in Lower Saxony since 1947. The force is also known as the "Desert Rats". This name refers to the origin of the brigade, which was formed in North Africa in 1938. The British soldiers have been preparing together with US forces for overseas deployment at the training area Hohenfels since 11th April. The exercise is scheduled to last until 30th April.

[Picture: British soldiers are training regularly at Hohenfels. Most recently, they were preparing for deployment to Afghanistan a year ago. Photo from archive.]
Terrible news indeed. But definitely not a Fuchs. LAIT/SIB investigation ongoing.
More on the exercise in a report by the local paper on 11th April: http://www.oberpfalznetz.de/zeitung/1340442-129,1,0.html

Again, rough and dirty translation:


"Live Shooting"

- British and American soldiers prepare for overseas deployment

From 11th to 30th April, a joint exercise of British and US forces is going to take place on the military training area Hohenfels. The soldiers are preparing for overseas deployment.

In total, 20 helicopters are going to be stationed at Hohenfels for the duration of the exercise. They are of the types AH-64 Apache, Lynx and Merlin. Helicopter traffic is going to take place predominantly during the day and will continue into the night only in a few exceptional cases.

British, American and French fighter jets are going to attack ground targets in Hohenfels between 14th April and 30th April. Fighter jet traffic will take place from 9am-11am and from 2pm-4pm. Night flights are planned for the 15th, 17th, 22nd, 23rd, 24th and 29th April and will last until ca. 11pm.

The German Ministry of Defence has authorised the use of live ammunition for the entire duration of the exercise. Live shooting will take place until 11pm on some days.

US forces as well as British forces are trying to cause as little noise disruption to surrounding civilian areas as possible. Any questions can be directed by telephone to the "Amt fuer Oeffentlichkeitsarbeit" (Public Affairs, PAO) at [Phone number].


BFBS said:
BFBS TV has a reporter in Bavaria now, who will be reporting on BFBS Reports in 5 minutes' time

Is that 0211 BFBS Radio on Sky?
Sorry, no, only on BFBS TV. To be honest, there wasn't much more to be gleaned, as it turns out. Only one vehicle involved, investigation on-going. Of the 12 injured, one is seriously injured.

We knew about this terrible accident on Monday, but I think MoD had some difficulty contacting the Next of Kin.

Yeah, I've been hearing rumours about this all week, we are due down there on Sunday and we have another squadron there at the moment.

RIP and get well to the others injured.
Units of the 7th Armoured Brigade

2nd Royal Tank Regiment

The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards

1st Battalion The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers

4th Battalion The Royal Regiment of Scotland

111 Pro Coy Royal Military Police

3rd Regiment, Royal Horse Artillery

(A) 29 CS MED Sqn

32nd Regiment, The Royal Engineers

2 Bn Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers

HQ & 207 Signals Sqn

42 & 47 Army Education Centres (ETS)

9/12th Lancers (Prince of Wales's)
......and 2 Royal Anglian. According to news reports, this was the unit involved in this tragic incident.

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