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Terrible decision

If you absolutely had to choose one or the other, would you-

A. Bum your Dad.

B. Lick out your Granny.

Answers on a postcard please...
Munging my Grandmother everytime.

Or, if it had to be an alive relative then I would still choose licking out of my granny; at that age it'll be like an iced donught.
Gran would get it every time, no sense getting the arrse from dads' will. Also, given the incontinence which comes with old age, nanna would gush fanny batter like Old Faithful.
Thats 2 for granny, should have made this a poll.

Personally think i might go for the bum battering from dad, my grans 95 at least you cant taste/smell a bumming.


Book Reviewer
technicaldifficulties said:
Thus spake the man of experience :)

If i snort my grannies ashes does that count as a snuffling session?
If you dropped an anchovie in and let them marinade for a day or two I am sure that would be perfectly acceptable.

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