Discussion in 'Southern Africa' started by futurebootie, Apr 4, 2010.

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  1. Since this doos was well known for his mistreatment of blacks I wouldn't be surprised if that was the only reason behind him being bliksemed with a panga, and I say he had it coming.
    However some say that this is connected to Malema singing "kill the boer" and such.

    There are also those rumours about it all kicking off after the World Cup to take into consideration, which to be honest could be true, knowing how blindly the majority follow their "leaders", and how quick they are to become screaming mobs.

    I'm not quite off to find me an Ak just yet :D .
    But living in a mainly black area I will admit the notion does give me a few sleepless nights.

  2. CA, there's a thread going there.
  3. You're not wrong boet..
  4. Seriously though, it must be important, it's even on the news here.
  5. HKGM! hier kom groot kak hahaha
  6. It's going to cause a few issues with insurance at the sports festivities, for sure.

    I suspect that there are a few settling-in aftershocks for the Rainbow Nation yet to come; the blank-eyed, slack-jawed stupidity of the ANC's 'Shoot the Boer' appeal tells me that not much at all has been learned by them in recent years. I'm not optimistic.
  7. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Doos. now thats a good word.
  8. What's the form on owning gats in SA these days?
    Is it a complete about turn, and only die swarte can?

    As in the 80s finding a floppie on one's property,
    didna'e raise too much of a bureaucratic eyebrow.

    Don't get me wrong ETB was a koos who got his own guys killed.
    He might have spoken well, but he was dumb as a rock and at onetime his sandpit was a big rockery.
  9. Nigh on impossible for anybody to get one legally, and alot of registered gun owners have had their papers lost by the gobment so they're keeping quiet about what they have.

    Getting one illegally though... Well put it this way, you get cops getting arrested for claiming to have lost their weapon and meanwhile having sold it to some tsotsi.
  10. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    No boet, new applications are coming through quickly now.

    But those after renewals will still have the old ticket in their Book of Life so it'll come right about 2018 - if you're optimistic.

    Will get you into groot kak if discovered.
    On the other hand some people consider tried by twelve to be a better bet than carried by six.

    I of course could not possibly condone any form of breaking the law.
  11. This Malema is in Zim at the moment, on a fact-finding mission. He's going to learn about nationalisation and land reform. I believe he has also got Cuba and Venezuela on his itinerary. I'd be a little bit more than concerned if i was you.
  12. At Cut, all of that's true, mom had a PPK which she had to get rid of because renewals took ages.
    And Smooth, belive me even blacks I know are worried.
  13. haha the shit has hit the fan
  14. Anyone who has lived in Africa cannot be surprised at the turn of events in SA! The biggest surprise was after the end of apartheit, many people expected a bloodbath then! I'm afraid that the increasing lawlessness is just a symptom of the ordinary Africans realisation that ANC dont have all the answers to their aspirations and are totally corrupt, lining their pockets at everybodies expense whilst slowly letting the former infrastructure to fall to pieces!
    I am afraid things will get worse as there would appear to be no one in the ANC hierarchy with the ability or will to put things right!
    I for one would not dream of going to SA, remember when the British lions team were held at gunpoint and robbed in their hotel a few years ago. This was not reported at the time by any of the media to try to cover it up and not show SA in a bad light!
  15. Eugene Terreblanche, good riddance to the the guy! However This does not mean I approve of the means. Zuma was very quick to try and keep things calm but who knows what the hotheads in the AWB & ANC will get up to (hope my uncle still keeps his Browning in the glovebox of his car for the next time I'm over and use his car!.