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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by cunning_stunt, Sep 14, 2009.

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  1. Is there such a thing as a "terms of service" document? I'm specifically looking for details of terminal leave and notice periods. I have been quoted AGAI Ch 38 but haven't been able to find this on t'intranet.

    Many thanks
  2. AGAI 38.001. This instruction sets out the Defence Council rules, referred to in The Queens Regulations for the Army 1975 (QR(Army)), Chapter 9 and The Pay Warrant 1964, Article 260, under which officers may be permitted, voluntarily and at their own request, to prematurely terminate their service on the Active List.

    You'll find that what you are looking for doesnj't exist per say. If there are specific questions you need answering they can be found within various documents, but there is no 1 DOCUMENT FITS ALL to cover all the terms of servcie available and they're associated benefits etc....

    What is it that you are looking to find out, in said 'document'?
  3. Isn;t there a TACOS booklet, A5 and all glossy with outline details? You admin office or RCMO should have one.
  4. I've found what I was after, thank you for the help. It was mainly notice periods regarding ATOS and CTOS. Sorted now.