With the onset of a new pension scheme, (that was no doubt thought up in the same office as paycut 2000) has any one heard of the idea of joe soldier serving up to 37 years ? 8O
Wot a very, very bad idea. The crabs can do it because their WOs (and JTechs for that matter) aren't expected to move many of their body parts during the working day. Yer average tom, however, is better off being faster than his opposition, quicker on the draw so to speak. He isn't once he's deep into his forties. Anyway, by that age he should be getting a life. Nothing so sad as someone hanging on to his woolly pully when he should be tasting the fruits of civilian freedom. And earning a half-decent pension.
He isn't once he's deep into his forties. Anyway, by that age he should be getting a life.

That's it, just because I'm 43 doesn't mean you can pick on me.

I'm off to cry in the corner. Boo Hoo.

:cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
How are they going to make this work?

It isn't so bad in the corps were it is easier to move sideways enough times, but in the regiments if you don't get promoted then you hold someone else up. How are the inf regiments going to sustain a whole load of 45 year old Pl Sgts?

Ahhhhh.....hang on I see what's happening....... raise the bar for pensions and don't address the manning issues and people will still be forced to leave when they have reached their age/rank ceiling only now they will go without a pension or gratuity. Much cheaper than paying all of those pesky non-socialists for the rest of their lives for supporting the Queen and not the Labour Party. THAT'S GOING TO HELP RETENTION ISN'T IT? Especially when the viable alternative is to get out in your late 20's or early 30's with skills taught and paid for by the army (that are desperately needed in the army), and you are employable in the open market where you can get a pension as part of your salary package. It is exactly these people that the army needs to retain but who are walking in their droves because the pressures of supporting a familiy when you are away 10 months of the year because all of the other NCOs about your rank have walked get too much to make you think for a second about staying in.
I couldnt give a to$$ what Brucefella thinks. I stayed in and have now got another 15 years doing what I like, in a country that is giving me a stable and higher standard of living I would get in UK. I will stay here too. For the full 15 years.

To those who wish to get out - good luck and good bye. Pay for your prescriptions and dental work, pay for your pension. Pay more for a car, fags and a tipple. It's your call.

I'm better off where I am. I like it and I have probably got a better life than LE's below the rank of Major in UK. So bruce, now you're out, what is it like having to associate with civvy non-sence of humour?????????
I'm glad you're happy, mate. You're a non-combatant, though, I trust and hope. What would you propose to do with the divisions of 50-year-olds from all branches and arms who take up the offer to stay on when the rules are changed (to suit a career pattern, and against operational requirement)? Not put them up against the AK-bearing hordes, I hope.
I know there are hundreds of people in uniform in the sort of jobs which can't be taken up by active soldiers/officers, but they must remain an exception to the norm. I work alongside a lot of former US military people, all of whom are now resolutely civvies - but using the skills learned in their former lives, just as I do - and who get the best from both worlds, just as I do.
No criticism of your lifestyle or your decision to adopt it was intended, Warden, just of the proposal, which is ill-founded. At my exit point if I'd been at the right place and time and an offer had been made to me I might well have taken it. As it is, I thank the little blue pixies that it didn't happen, because since leaving my life has been on a level of quality previously unknown.
And by the way, I don't give a t0ss for your opinion, either. :D
Just back from a weeks marching up and down, great.
Good to read all the posts. I also by chance also recieved our "Official" comms brief ref the subject.

Two points that made me think were.

1. Fairness and equal treatment, providing the same benifits for Officers and OR's.

2. Normal retirement for full career pension at age 55; this does not affect actual retirement ages which will continue to be tied to Service career structures(no change to current scheme).

So ther you have it Officers and OR's have the same treatment except Officers can serve until 55 but OR's are out on their ARRSE at 40 with less dosh????.

To a certain degree Iagree with what was previously said about 45 yr old Pl Sgts. If we had that, a bottleneck would appear in the promotion stakes and at the end of the day, the younger lads who couldn't get any further than full screw would just sack it. But I believe that that would only be a short time problem. Bit like Pay Cut 2000. Those who were in at the time whined. Those who enlisted after it, didn't know any better, if you follow my meaning. I can see what Brucefeller is saying and I can also see what the Warden is saying. 6 and two threes really. If you're happy staying in, why leave? If it's really time to hang up your boots and bergen, then as long as you've had a good 22yrs, then good luck to you on the outside.

I can't understand however, why people who have left the Army look down their noses at those who opt to extend. I understand even less, why the same people would wish to visit a squaddie website, if they were so glad to get out. Perhaps they're not as happy as they make out (has anybody else noticed that or is it just me?)

I suppose that there are certain employment roles which could make good use of the older soldier such as the AGC or RLC. The Teeth Arms may have a problem, but the Canadians have 40 year old full screws in the Inf, so why wouldn't it work here. If you haven't tried it, why knock it I suppose. Fitness isn't really the issue that it's made out to be. There's lots of unfit young Toms out there and you've all got them in your units, if the posts are to be believed. Endurance comes with age. Isn't the CFT an endurance test? Maturity should not be forgotten either, nor experience.

Me personally, I'll take the money and run when the time comes. I'm getting too synical now and my tolerance of fools has now ran out. Sadly, and I speak from myself here only, there are too many fools in the management and the Army is a place where fools can hide and even prosper. There are many fools on the shopfloor as well. But the fools in the management seem to tolerate the fools on the shop floor and discipline etc, has now gone for a Burton. It's quite difficult to be a WO/SNCO nowadays. As they say, if you can't change it, either live with it or leave. Like I said, I'll take the money and run when my time is up.

Shadies & Lentilmen.......I thank you!
I'm on the LSL and and in my 40's and can still do my BPFA in under 9 mins. CFTS I have to assist the under 20s around(not alowed to kick them anymore) I hope to stay in untill I'm 55 as long as I can still pass all my ITD'S.As it should be with any one in the army Navy RAF.At present I can tell young toms on PT that I am old enough to be their Dad and to keep up in a few years time I will be able to say the same except I will be old enough to be their Grandad. Anyone regardless of age should be able to continue serving (up to 55) as long as they can still cut it. If they can't GET OUT YOU FAT BASTARD or do some phys and go on a diet. If you are a genuine biff I appolgise, if your a bif get out your eating my rations.

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