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Discussion in 'ACF' started by papegojan, May 10, 2007.

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  1. This is not a wah, but a question borne out of genuine ignorance. As a lowly SSI, I call all SMI's sir/ma'am etc. What I am wondering is; what is the correct term of address for an SMI to use to another SMI who holds the appointment of CSM?
  2. Sergeant Major [Insert Name] surely, or Sir.....
  3. definitely not "Sir"!

    If on parade or in front of Cadets, "Sarn't Major ***" or, depending on cap badge "Mr ***".

    In private, first names.

    SMI is the rank, CSM is an appointment.

    Edited to add: I have a Royal Warrant on the wall at home, so speak from personal experience! :wink:
  4. Has to be Sergeant Major +++++ or CSM for SMI to SMI. Never ever Sir/Ma'am.
  5. 'Hello fellow frustrated walt wannabe' springs to mind.
  6. what a harry cnut...............
  7. Ah, so all the old AI's I knew as a lad, most of whom wore at least as many gongs as the young 'us of today, were a bunch of Walt wannabe's then?

    And what do you contribute to your local community then?
  8. Thank you for all the sensible answers gents.
  9. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator


    Just to confirm, was your service in the Parachute Regiment or as an airborne gunner/engr/loggie etc?

    I have never seen anyone on here so keen to call everyone else "harry" or "hat" on the basis of so little knowledge of their military background.
  10. para reg and airborne gunner
    not meant to insult with word hat or harry see it as a term of endearment...
    but also seems to bait non airborne or alternativley upset said w~nker who feels the need to kick the cat ie ACF adult staff........
    are you ABF yourself duke?
  11. I think the cnut part was the objective part of the phrase
    ...................harry or hat just happens to upset some non airborne folk
    I work with a marine who refers to me as percy pongo non stop.......I refer to him as sea hat a truly harmonious relationship

    cnut however unlike harry or hat or pongo,wooden top ,plank, drop short donkey walloper etc.........is a very naughty word only reserved for those who truly deserve it.

    and posting bone quips towards acf instructors like walting wannabee wwaaaaaaahhhhh etc certainly fall into that catagory wouldn't you say ?
  12. have to say having been a Rifleman since the mid 1970,s there has always been a mutual love/hate relationship between RGJ/Para and now Rifles/Para the "hat" thing is expected. I honestly don't think anyone with any self confidence takes it as any more than a joke.

    By their very nature infantrymen don't often work very closely with people from other infantry regiments, or indeed battalions of thier own regiment (until the arms plot stooped recently) until the are SNCO's. So it was only once I was one that I found myself regularly doing SofI courses and the like with others. I can honestly say that I always Para SNCO's/WO's to be good soldiers and, good natured banter aside, very ready to acknowledge soldiers from other regiments as equally good. I have had them as partners in competition with others from their own battalion and they have put our partnership before any loyalty to their own. They are very decent guys to work with. The serious, and nasty, "hat bashing" is, I think, confined to junior ranks and even then mainly nigs. If you are good you don't need to be cocky about it.

    It's also about esprit de corp. Infantry regiments are not all the same. They are all unique. My old man was a Career Grenadier and we served concurrently for a short while. I never spared him the "Tick Tock" thing, but I also knew that he had seen action around the world over many decades starting in Palestine as an 18 year old. I have had no greater respect for any man than him. Hat may not be respectful, nor is tick tock, but they are generally just banter.

    In any event I got called far worse by blokes in my own regiment and that was meant affectionately (if thats the right term) and when puch comes to shove...to paraphrase the M&S ads.....

    This isn't a Hat. This is a Rifle Green, won more VC's, got more battle honours, produced more generals, taught the rest of the army, been airborne, been marines, pioneered more types of infantry soldiering than you have, Hat!
  13. Back on topic....

    Another form of appropriate address between WOs of the same rank is "Mr/Mrs/Miss XXXX".
  14. fcuking priceless well said mate ,someone who is finally on the same wave length of banter ....
    guys don't take it seriously don't bite it's not an insult it's a nickname get over it ,anyone who does say it with malice as gwailo said is obviously a nig and his opinion isn't worth the bog roll it's written on.

    gwailo you are still a hat though also known as harry or in some circles horatio.
    big fan of the rifle green borg/airborne banter
    keep it up mate :D
  15. What battery were you in?
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