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Terms and Conditions-is there a link anywhere please

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Does anyone have a link or can give me information on the Terms and Conditions you need to learn for joining up, there is going to be a test coming up on it all and I can't find info on it.

Here's my predicament-I should have all the info from when I went into the careers and I've searched everywhere for it but I can't find it. I'm now sure it's at my mums house and she has gone on holiday for 2 weeks.

The stuff I need to know is how long I'm in the army before I can decide to leave. What the short, medium and long term contracts are with the army. And anything else you guys know.

I've looked everywhere online for this info but I can't find it! Please help!!

If it helps I also have to know about where I will be training, what my chosen career is all about, I already know that stuff but I need help with the above.

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