Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles - 21/02/08

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Taz_786, Feb 21, 2008.

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  1. TV series based on the films...set after the events of T2 with Sarah and John Connor living as fugitives and still trying to stop the creation of Skynet, while remaining wary of further terminators being sent back to kill them. Some familiar faces on show, that British actress from 300 and Claire's friend from Heroes play the lead roles.

    Got decent reviews across the pond, should be worth a look. Might make up for 24 being delayed until January.

    Hope they use the anvil-hammering theme music in some form!

    Starts tonight on Virgin 1 at 10pm.


  2. I have seen the first 3 episodes already - a bit flat I'm afraid. Follows U.S generic series formula which dates back to the Fugitive! You run to different US towns and I follow - just missing you!
    Planet of the Apes
    Logans Run etc
  3. If your expecting lots of T2 style action, don't bother. It's more like The OC - with Terminators.

    The pacing is too slow to sustain the action, which is thin on the ground, just the odd act of violence and gore. It's also focused too much on John Connor. Basically lot's of boring teen angst.

    Summer Glau doesn't make a very good terminator either. That sense of of cold, sociopathic, kill-your-way-through-a-problem malevolence is totally missing.

    In fact, so far, only Lena Headey's acting has been anything other than wooden.

    It kills an hour if you're bored shitless but that's about it.
  4. It looks like they used up most of the budget on the opening scene, carboard sets from here on in.
  5. Distinctively underwhelming but i'll watch a few more episodes before passing judgement.

    Just not the same without Arnie is it? Lena Headey is so miscast, she looks like my GP...send her down the gym.

    Ah well there are three more films in the pipeline!
  6. Any link to that?
  7. Shes got nothing on Arnie exept goog looks. Realy good looks ........ wish i had a terminator like that. :twisted:
  8. Episode six is out and about.

    Nothing to see here, move along. ;)
  9. OHHHHH!! Youve gone and done it now im going to be staring at this intil 3 AM. :roll:
  12. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    I skipped through E1 of this and so far have no intention of actually watching it. Looks poor. I think I may just watch re-runs of NCIS with kate in them...